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Some brand managers in the Klang Valley are unsure of the importance of an SEO company in Kuala Lumpur. They may feel that if their brand is paying for an agency’s digital marketing services, SEO isn’t necessary. 

But this type of thinking just shows how much people don’t understand about the correlation between digital marketing and SEO. The two sciences are necessary to provide a positive digital marketing outcome. Most digital marketing agencies in KL, and everywhere for that matter, are a combination of marketers and SEO specialists working together to help the client achieve its goals. 

Team Effort

Successful digital marketing has evolved out of necessity to be a team effort that relies as much on SE as it does on successful marketing and advertising campaigns. SEO represents sort of the “back-room efforts” of digital marketing. Clients may not know much about these efforts, but they certainly appreciate the results. 

SEO goes way beyond the mechanics of making a website load faster or having links that all work as designed. SEO is also an important part of the digital marketing spectrum. You’ve heard of link-building exercises, where informative articles contain links that lead to a brand’s website? These are generally the work of an agency’s SEO team. 

Content marketing is also in the domain of SEO. Because keywords play such a crucial part in the Google ranking of a website, an SEO team will generally oversee all the content updated on a site to ensure that it uses the right keywords targeted for the client’s customers. 

Preparing the Site

Most people just know from its site optimisation origins. They know is a vital step in setting up a website correctly to perform as it should. The SEO team is in charge of the architecture of a site as well as its performance. The first team in the agency to visit a new client’s site is the team. They perform an audit that reveals any problems with the site and fixes them before the marketing team attempts any marketing campaigns on the site. 

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As the marketing team steps up their efforts, the SEO team has to make sure the site is always operating correctly. A slow-loading site or site with many broken links may lead to an unfavourable customer experience and reputation for the client. The marketing agency wants to avoid that at all costs. 

The SEO team ensure that the site can handle the additional traffic brought on by the marketing team’s activities. This is a continuous job. This is why most brands partner with digital marketing companies for a year or more. Building up a brand’s image, reputation and marketing success takes time.  

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