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Why is the Maldives a Top Notch Destination for a Honeymoon?

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the perfect destinations for a honeymoon, as it offers top-notch places that make a honeymoon couple’s journey unique. There are places like blissful islands and sandy beaches that take your stay experience to the next level.

This place has emerald clear water, luxurious overwater bungalows, and blissful beaches. The Maldives has its own magnificent culture and tradition, which is the attraction among most of the tourists. 

The Maldives offer tremendous and adventurous activities throughout the year, but the best time to visit this beautiful place is between December and March. Where the weather of this place is impeccable and if you visit between these months, the accommodation prices are relatively lesser than other times.

Some islands offer water activities like scuba diving, surfing, parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, and skiing, giving the visitors an exquisite experience. Food is also one of the specialties of Maldives.

If you plan a cost-effective honeymoon trip, there is a fantastic Maldives honeymoon package from India that helps you save money by spending less. 

Must Visit Spots

Alimatha Island

This is one of the best places to visit on your honeymoon trip, as it is located at Vaavu atolls. Offers tranquillity views with beaches filled with golden sand and shining blue water. In the evening you can enjoy the sunset view with your loved ones, and the weather at that time is so amazing. This island offers you tremendous and adventurous water activities which you were really going to like, and you witness activities like diving, kayaking, and snorkeling. Plus, you can have a luxurious stay at blissful hotels and resorts, which makes you eager to revisit this island. The accommodations are Fun island resort, Voi Dhiggiri resort, and Holiday inn resort. You can visit this place any time but to have a more excellent experience, visit in the months between March to April, at that time, most of the activities and events are available.

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HP Reef

This place is one of the best attractions among tourists and one of the top-listed places in the Maldives. In this place, you can witness marine life with beautiful coral and caves, and as it is a protected place for marine life, there are multiple types of water species available. They are colorful, small, and could be harmful, so you need to check before diving, or you can take your driving instructor to help you with all this. The main attraction of this place is that the place is photogenic and authentic for people who like underwater diving. Plus, the best place where you can have your unforgettable stay is Somerset hotel, hotel Jen Mal, and Lili beach spa & resort. The best time where you can fulfill all your fun is between December to April, when you witness amazing weather that provides you and your partner full enjoyment. 

Utheemu Ganduvaru

This is also known as the charming wooden palace, which is situated in the northern part of Maldives. This place is considered an important place for tourists to visit, as it is a booth place of suthan known for chasing out Portugues intruders. This place is a major attraction among the visitors as it is made up of wood. This place is an old monument heritage site named Utheemu Ganduvaru. The best time between you should visit this place is November to May when you witness a fabulous Manta ray event.

The prominent attraction spot in the palace that you can visit is the home of the Mohammad sultan, the historical cemetery, and the ancient mosque. Furthermore, there are excellent resorts and hotels to stay in like Amra palace Laamu, Ja Manafaru, and J resort Alidhoo. 

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Boros Island 

An ideal place for people who love to visit natural elegance, as this place is one of the most crowded and top-listed places in the Maldives. Mostly, this place is known for its tranquil elegance with exquisite food and resort stay, which makes your experience memorable with its ambiance and the golden sandy beaches for which people are eager to come again. The food is top-notch and delicious as the restaurants and bars are available which serve food and drink at extraordinary prices. As you can visit this place throughout the year, the best time to visit and enjoy this island is between November to march. You witness extraordinary attractions of water like snorkeling, sightseeing of beaches and coral reefs, and underwater diving. You can make your honeymoon trip magnificent if you stay at top resorts and hotels which are luxury and affordable at the same time, places like Angsana Ihuru, Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, and bars in the Maldives. 

Huvahendhoo Island 

This is one of the calmest places in the Maldives, which is an attraction to people because of lush greenery, crystal clear water, and fantastic weather. You can visit this with your family and friends to detox and rejuvenate yourself. You witness tremendously beautiful beaches where you spend your personal time with your loved ones, and also can enjoy the sunset in the evening time. Moreover, there are unique attractions which you are definitely going to like are beach volleyball, swimming pool, tennis court, resort and spa at beaches. The best time to enjoy Huvahendhoo island’s beauty is between July and October, when you witness unique events and water activities.

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Furthermore, these are the top places to visit if you are there for your honeymoon. So if you are planning to choose a destination for your honeymoon, the Maldives is an ideal option. There are excellent and affordable honeymoon packages from Mumbai to the Maldives, where you get terrific and cost-effective transportation, food, and mainly accommodation expenses.

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