Why are Regular Gynecologist Visits a Must for Women?

The role that a good and professional gynecologist play is always critical and sensitive. But it is unfortunate that most women think that they must visit a gynecologist only at the time of their pregnancy or after they have given birth to a child.  The truth is far from such thinking. Women should definitely make it a point to visit their gynecologists quite regularly to keep a proper check and control their health. It is because many times there emerge ailments that get unnoticed and prove to be harmful. If you don’t want to go to any random doctor then you can look for the famous gynecologist in Tirupati and ensure that you get the best assistance.

Actually, it is a fact that most females considered regular health check-ups by a gynecologist critical, but in reality, the number of females who do visit gynecologists is quite less. It is the requirement of an hour to spread awareness among women related to the energy of visiting gynecologists on the regular intermezzo. It is no longer a thing or matter of shame or simply hesitation. After all, being a female you cannot simply compromise with your health. In case you are simply procrastinating or dodging appointments with a gynecologist then you are definitely harming your health and putting your future in danger.

The need of seeing a gynecologist regularly 

  • Well, every woman must see a gynecologist promote good health. When you start to explore, you are going to experience the importance of it. Right from the phase of puberty, when reproductive organs start to get matured, females should be frequently assessed by a gynecological expert. You cannot simply think that everything is fine and you don’t need to go to the gynecologist. After all, it is he or she who is the expert and not you. 
  • Females must schedule an examination between the durations of thirteen and fifteen or once they get sexually active. Certainly, the physicians may enlighten them about normal bodily activities and even answer any of the related queries related to menstruation that could arise. Doctors can definitely advise elderly females about menopause as well as hormone replacement therapy as well. There is no doubt that upkeeping a close relationship with a gynecologist is going to be supportive and helpful over the years. You would be thankful for the bond you develop with your gynecologist. 
  • It might interest you that during a yearly woman examination, an OB or GYN shall perform pelvic and breast examinations. A pelvic exam simply permits the inspection of the cervix, and even a Pap smear allows the evaluation of a few cells microscopically for any maybe cancerous cells. Females must go for a pelvic test yearly, no matter whether they are facing or not a Pap smear. The thing is simple, the gynecologist can easily measure various disorders of the reproductive system via an examination. The gynecologist can even perform the tests with a tissue as well as blood cultures. 
  • Then, self-examination or even an examination by a specialist can also discover breast irregularities early. From there, a mammogram imagines breast tissue for any sort of possible cancerous alterations. Here, digital imaging software employed in computerized mammography can eliminate some faults in reading. In case you are tackling any sort of uneasiness or strangeness in the overall behaviour of the breasts as well as the menstrual cycle, it is always wise to consult the best gynecology doctors in Tirupati. Such are the small things that could be a sign of a bigger thing.
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Once you develop a habit of visiting your gynecologist regularly or from time to time, it could help you in varied ways:

  • Help you in understanding your overall body as well as how you can best take care of it.
  • Offer you and the doctor a clue of what is normal for you. In this manner, you can effectively and conveniently notice any sort of issue or changes, like that hints of a vaginal infection
  • By doing such a thing you allow the doctor to find out an issue in case there is any. The sooner you get to understand a health issue or hazard, the better it is going to be for the remedy.
  • The doctor simply tells what a general vaginal discharge External link must look like and what might even be a sign of an issue
  • It even teaches you how to guard yourself when you have sex.

You should never miss out on your visit to a gynecologist if:

  • Your period is absolutely heavy, unusual, or even stays more than a week
  • You have turned fourteen and you have not undergone any sort of changes from puberty
  • You have got sixteen but you never experienced any period or menstruation yet.
  • You are undergoing severe menstrual cramps or any other kind of pelvic pains
  • You have redness around your vagina, or experience sores, itching,  swelling, uncommon odour or even discharge in that area.
  • You think you may be pregnant 
  • you want to have a word about safe sex. Come on, it is helpful and comforting.
  • You have been having periods for more than one year and getting uneven periods
  • You have simply missed more than three periods and you can simply wait for the time of ninety days in case you are certain that you are not really pregnant. But if there is even a smidgen of possibility that you are pregnant then you should definitely see your gynecologist immediately.
  • You feel some sort of burning sensation when you are urinating.
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To sum up,  you can always see the experts who may help you deal with what you are experiencing. The way you see the best paediatrician in Tirupati or in your area for the sake of your children; don’t overlook yourself. Talking to the gynecologist regularly could be one of the wisest things you do in your life.

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