Union Bank Of India Zero Balance Account?

Union Bank Of India Zero Balance Account?

Union Bank Of India offers zero balance account to its customers. Also, Basic Savings Bank Deposit Accounts (BSBDA), Union Bank of India has delivered on-line zero balance account. Individuals are not required to keep any average stability in those financial savings debts.

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Features Of Union Bank Zero Balance Accounts

Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA)


BSBDA is a 0 stability savings account aimed toward catering to the unbanked sections of the society. This account is for those those who do not have a savings account with any bank.

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No minimal balance requirement

No preliminary deposit is needed for this . check over here

Individuals can opt for a unfastened RuPay ATM/Debit card after establishing a 0 balance account with Union Bank of India.

There is no maximum restriction on credit score transactions.

In case of debit transactions, clients have 4 free debit transactions which includes ATM withdrawals.

There aren’t any expenses for ultimate a zero stability savings account.

Bank can provide overdraft facility up to Rs.5000

Online Zero Stability Savings Account


Union Digital Savings Account (UDSA) is an online zero stability financial savings account of Union Bank of India. Individuals can open this financial institution account on-line right away.


Digital Savings Account can be opened on-line from the comfort of your house

Individuals are not required to keep any minimal balance in this account

Cash deposit fees will apply for any coins deposits inside the account.

Digital transactions via net and mobile banking, UPI are loose and unlimited.

Get factors for every transaction carried out online.

Who Can Open Union Bank Zero Balance Account?

Basic financial savings account


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resident Indian person

Joint account and account also can be opened for Hindu Undivided Family

Individuals who do no longer have savings account with any bank

Customers who have the desired KYC documents

Union Digital Savings Account (UDSA)


Anyone dwelling in India can open a Union Digital Savings Account (UDSA). You cannot open joint money owed.

Individuals need to be over 18 years of age

Customers need to no longer have any current courting with the bank

Documents Required To Open 0 Stability Financial Savings Account

basic savings account


The documents required to open a Basic Savings Account will depend upon the sort of account opened.


Here are some documents that are customary as proof of identification and cope with for a personal account:



voter id card

riding license

Aadhar card/card


pan card

Virtual Financial Savings Account


While Aadhaar card is required for establishing most of the virtual financial savings account, Aadhaar isn’t obligatory for establishing a Union Bank digital financial savings account. This is because the account is not opened via the e-KYC method as applicable in different on-line financial savings accounts.


Pan card


voter identification card

riding license

Aadhar card/card


Basic Savings Zero Balance Account


Customers can’t open Basic Savings Account on line. You need to visit the bank department to open the account.


Fill the account commencing shape, enrollment form, authentic KYC documents together with attested photocopies and passport image copies.


Union Bank Digital Account


Customers can open Union Bank of India zero stability on-line through filling Union Bank of India on-line account beginning shape.


Step 1: Click here to open Savings Account. Select ‘Union Digital Savings Account’ from the above alternative. The first part of the online account shape is the applicant info. Add your info like your complete name, father’s name, mother’s call, PAN wide variety and pick other photograph ID card like riding license, passport, voter ID card and so forth. From the drop listing. Select your kingdom, district and preferred department.

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Step 2: In the subsequent step, you need to enter your cope with and different information including your conversation deal with, annual income, commercial enterprise info, vicinity of beginning and marital repute and so on.


Step three: Add your nominee info. Enter your nominee’s complete call, nominee’s address etc. You can avail numerous centers like Internet Banking, ATM cum Debit Card, Mobile Banking. Click on ‘Submit Application’.


You will get a reference ID. Keep it adequately for future reference. Now, you may down load the utility form and go to the selected financial institution department in conjunction with your authentic KYC files and passport photographs for verification.


Frequently Asked Questions On Ubi 0 Balance Account

Can I open Union Bank Zero Balance Online?

 You want to visit your financial institution department to finish your account commencing method.


What is the minimum stability in Union Bank Zero Balance?

There is no minimum balance requirement for Union Bank 0 balance bills.


How can I open 0 stability account in Union Bank?

You can open Union Bank Digital Savings Account online with the aid of filling the online account shape. However, for beginning a primary financial savings account, you may want to visit a financial institution department to open a YoBank account.


Who can open 0 balance account in UBI?

Resident people above 18 years of age can open a zero stability account on-line with UBI. However, simple savings account holders, joint account holders and HinduCan be opened by means of undivided family.


Be it commencing a savings account or doing banking transactions, virtual is the destiny. Many banks have started the net account commencing process for his or her customers. Individuals making plans to open a bank account with Union Bank of India (UBI) can open a financial savings account on line.

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You can open a Union Bank savings account on line by using downloading the app and making use of on line via the bank’s platform.


Union Bank Account Opening On-Line

Open Union Bank Savings Account by means of Downloading the App

Take your Selfie, Scan your Aadhar Card and Pan Card. The account variety is generated instantly.

To prompt your account, go to your selected branch with simple Aadhar and PAN card or your account activation.

Apply financial savings account through website

Go to Online Account Opening Page

Fill your details to open UBI Savings Account and go to the chosen department at the side of identification evidence and deal with evidence file.

Documents Required To Open Ubi Savings Account Online

You have to offer your PAN card and a report as address proof



voter identity card

driving license

Aadhar card/card


accounts that may be opened online

Individuals have the choice of starting three types of debts: ordinary savings account, digital account and pension account on-line.


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