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The Top 7 Attractions in Kolhapur That Tourists Should Not Miss

There may be occasions when you will Kolhapur wonder why it is necessary for you to go on a journey. If you ask any traveller who takes their hobby seriously about why they travel, they will tell you it is to take in the amazing views that the globe has to offer, both man-made and natural.

It’s possible that you’ll have an experience that you’ll never forget if you take a leisurely walk through the underdeveloped towns, strike up a conversation with the locals, and capture the breathtaking pieces of art that are scattered over the terrain. One of these cities in southern India that has managed to avoid being commercialised is the city of Kolhapur.

This town is famous for the many sights and activities that it offers, and it is situated on the banks of the Panchganga River. One of these things is all of the sights and noises that one could encounter in this location. In the same vein, I’ll go through some of the most stunning places of interest in Kolhapur that are open to the public and that you absolutely must see if this will be your first trip to the city. But don’t forget to book a room in one of the top hotels in Kolhapur before you set out for your journey. 

Lakes, temples, shrines, and forts are just a few of the many places of interest that can be found in the city of Kolhapur. This city may appeal to anyone who is interested in both natural and man-made buildings since it has examples of both. These are the most popular destinations in the area that you just must pay a visit to. While you’re there, you shouldn’t leave without trying some of the mouth-watering cuisines.

  • An Absolutely Pristine and Brand-Spanking-New Royal Residence

The New Palace often referred to as the Maharaja’s Palace is an architectural masterpiece that combines elements of Rajwada, Rajasthani, and Gujarati styles of building. This palace, which was once the residence of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, was constructed of polished black stone in the year 1884. Anyone who is interested in the history of the city should go to the museum that is located on the ground level of the palace. The personal effects of the king consist of a vast range of artefacts and various kinds of objects.

  • Panhala Fort

The Panhala Fort is the largest fort in the whole Deccan region, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kolhapur. This magnificent monument is surrounded by around seven kilometres’ worth of formidable fortifications, and it offers spectacular vistas of the verdant environs. The gigantic double gates are a display of architectural styles that date back hundreds of years, and they attract those who are interested in the built environment. This fort has been ruled over by a number of various dynasties throughout the course of its history, from the Marathas to the Mughals, and each of those kingdoms’ distinct architectural styles can be found throughout the fort.

  • Rankala Lake

Its peaceful atmosphere makes it the most popular tourist destination in all of Kolhapur. Despite being artificial, Rankala Lake’s tranquilly and abundance of natural resources make it hard to beat. The lake has two ghats, the Rajghat and the Marathaghat, both of which were commissioned by Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj. During the golden hours. The lake is at its most beautiful and charming, making it the ideal location for a leisurely walk. Numerous food stands can be found in close proximity to the lake, many of which are highly recommended.

  • Dajipur National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

Kolhapur has a wide variety of attractions to suit the needs of every visitor. Every visitor, from the most ardent nature enthusiast to the most devoted architectural buff, will find something to their liking. If you want to see the wild side of Kolhapur, you should visit Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary. A king who ruled this city in the past used this sanctuary as his hunting grounds. The area was designated as a sanctuary in 1985, and it is a genuinely magnificent natural reserve. You may see a wide range of animals. From leopards to tigers. As well as a plethora of plants and flowers.

  • Kopeshwar Temple

Among the many must-see landmarks in Kolhapur, the Kopeshwar Temple is a must for devotees of the Hindu god Shiva. Hundreds of worshippers visit this temple every day of the year because of its stunning setting. Kopeshwar is well-known for its gorgeous architecture, but it is also renowned for the spiritual energy it exudes. The rock-cut temple architecture and detailed carvings on its walls and pillars are extremely impressive.

  • The Mahalaxmi Temple

The Mahalaxmi Temple is a popular tourist destination in Kolhapur. India. And its construction dates back to the 7th century at the behest of the ruling Chalukya dynasty. This is one of the six abodes dedicated to Shakti, the Hindu power goddess. This temple is the key to salvation and the realisation of one’s dreams. The Hindus of this country consider this site to be one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in the world. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, the temple is the place to go.

  • Sagareshwar

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is another Kolhapur attraction for ecotourists and animal enthusiasts. One of the most interesting features of this city is the man-made. Forest that has been carefully kept in this location. The 11 kilometres of protected land and the creatures that inhabit it are an artificial creation. However, in contrast to conventional zoos, the animals in this one have complete freedom of movement and residence. One of the reasons this location is so popular with tourists is the abundance of unique plant and animal life.

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Kolhapur is a charming city including the best hotels in Kolhapurthat spares no effort in providing its visitors with a memorable experience, with a wide variety of attractions for all tastes. There is a wide range of activities available. From photographing the palaces to exploring the forts to just enjoying the natural scenery. You now have a better idea of what to see and do in Maharashtra on your next visit.

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