The Sustainable Development Goals and Global Volunteers

Goal #1: To eradicate poverty in all of its forms worldwide

Goal 1 demands that poverty be eradicated globally by 2030. It strives to provide social protection for the poor and vulnerable, improve access to essential services, and aid those damaged by natural disasters and other economic, social, and environmental shocks as well as extreme weather occurrences related to climate change.

Goal 1 is addressed by Global Volunteers by:

  • supplying books, supplies, educational toys, and other school tools in addition to supporting preschool programs and high-quality education
  • educating parents and adults about economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, and skill development, as well as supporting women’s cooperatives with staff and volunteers
  • sending medical supplies, EarthBoxes, hand-washing stations, and fortified meals directly to families and children in need
  • generating money to buy supplies and resources for charitable endeavors

Goal #2: To eradicate hunger, ensure food security, boost nutrition, and advance sustainable agriculture

By 2030, Goal 2 calls for an end to all types of hunger and malnutrition. It promises to promote equitable access to land, technology, and markets, as well as global collaboration on investments in infrastructure and technology to increase agricultural productivity. It also pledges to guarantee everyone has access to safe, nourishing, and ample food throughout the year.

Sustainable Goals 2 is furthered by Global Volunteers through:

  • supplying meals that are enriched and supplements for maternal and newborn nutrition
  • teaching kids and teachers about healthy eating in classrooms and at parent seminars
  • providing families with EarthBox indoor gardens and instructing them on how to plant and care for them
  • the raising of chickens and the production of chicken eggs
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Goal #3: Ensure that everyone lives a healthy life and fosters well-being at all ages.

To safeguard everyone’s health is the main united nations sustainable development goal and well-being at every stage of life is Goal 3. The Goal takes into account all of the top health concerns, including access to safe, effective, high-quality, and reasonably priced medications and vaccinations for everyone as well as reproductive, maternal, and child health as well as communicable, non-communicable, and environmental diseases. Additionally, it calls for improved health spending, more research and development, and strengthened capacity for health risk management and reduction across the board for all nations.

Goal 3 is furthered by Global Volunteers through:

  • delivering personal care in the areas of health, mental health, and dental care
  • giving parents, caregivers, and teachers workshops on health and nutrition
  • Providing at-home assistance to mothers and expectant women through staff caregiver visits
  • teaching students how to properly clean their teeth and wash their hands
  • Prenatal and postpartum care for expectant moms at Global Volunteers’ house
  • providing soap and clean water at hand-washing stations

Goal #4: Make great education inclusive and equitable, and provide opportunities for everyone to study throughout their lives.

By 2030, Goal 4 is to guarantee that every boy and girl has access to free primary and secondary education. It focuses on establishing universal access to high-quality higher education, eradicating gender and wealth inequities, and ensuring equal access to inexpensive vocational training.

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To further Goal 4, Global Volunteers:

  • Acting as a classroom, summer school, or library resource in every service program throughout the world, or as volunteer conversational English teachers, math, reading, and science tutors
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