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Blunt bob is one of your favorite hairstyles, but sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to style short hair. Your choices are rather limited, so, understandably, you would like something a little longer from time to time. What are some of the easiest and quickest ways to do hair makeovers with your hair that don’t sacrifice your style? Tape extensions are the best option for hair makeovers that don’t require sacrificing your hair.


Tape-in extensions let you alter your hairstyle at the drop of a hat, whether it’s highlights, balayage, or two-tone hair. You may play with colors and styles that are out of the ordinary. It is possible to create curls, braids, kinks, or ponies. It doesn’t matter if you prefer balayage highlights or two-tone hair.

To determine how wholesale tape-in extensions will look on you, look at the before and after photos. You’ll find our tape-in extensions application tutorial here to assist you. How to apply tape ins extensions to short hair? Everything you need to know is included.

Seamless Look & Easy to Apply on Short Hair

How should the tape be applied to short hair extensions? Tape-in hair extensions, just like their name suggests, have tapes at the base of the wefts. Wearing tape-in extensions is like sandwiching a small strip of hair between two-inch-wide segments. They are also very easy to remove with our hair extensions and glue cleanser. Because tape-in extensions look extraordinary and elegant, you must be careful where to put them. The tape-ins, however, can be placed in a lot of locations.

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If you choose to put your extensions in the wrong place, you can make a lot more difference. Tape-in extensions are wonderful for integrating them to look cleaner and more natural. Because the adhesive is at the base of the tape-ins, it is flat and compact, making it much more compact than tape. This means the extension stays flat against your head, making it look more natural.


Here are a few tips on how to apply tape-in hair extensions. We also provide instructions on how to style tape-in hair extensions so you can look your best on all occasions. First, ensure that your extensions’ volume, length, cut, and style blend with your existing hair. These tape extensions balayage are easier to hide if they’re only a few inches longer than your hair; however, you have to apply some tricks to hide them.

One more way to blend your tape-ins is to layer them on top. The bottom-most tape-ins should be placed an inch above the bottom hair on your nape, ensuring enough length to blend in well. It will also be great if you braid your hair above your hair into cornrows and lie them flat there. It would be best if you also placed a piece of extension on either side of your head so that it matches the shape of the rest of your hair; this will provide a voluminous look centered around the area where it’s attached. Ensure that you leave enough of your hair on top and sides so it can remain hidden underneath.

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You now know how to apply hair extensions to short hair, so it’s time to get creative. Wearing tape-ins becomes seamless when you apply tape extensions to short hair. Styling your hair with tape-ins becomes much easier when the wefts are properly installed and blended with your hair. With your new tape in hair extensions, you can style your hair into pretty curls, elegant waves, or fancy braids.

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