Standard Tests During the Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye specialists conduct several procedures and tests to examine the condition of your eyes. These tests can range from simple to complex tests, like using digital imaging tools for viewing and evaluating the blood vessels and other structures in the eye.

How long do comprehensive eye exams take?

Comprehensive eye exams generally take about an hour or so. The duration of these examinations depends upon the complexity, number, and type of tests your doctor decides to take. The following are some of the most common tests your doctor might take during these exams-

  1. The visual acuity test- This test is generally the first conducted during a comprehensive eye examination. The test measures the visual sharpness of your eye. Your eye doctor will show you an eye chart from an average distance to read.
  1. The color blindness test- It is a screening test to check whether you are color blind or not. It is conducted during the beginning of the comprehensive eye examination. Besides detecting color vision issues, this test will help your doctor identify whether you will have potential eye problems that might affect color vision.
  1. Cover test- This test checks how your eyes work together. Your doctor will ask you to focus on an object and cover the other eye while seeing it. This test is again repeated with an object kept near to you. During this test, the doctor assesses whether your uncovered eye should move to pick up the target you are asked to view. This indicates the presence of a strabismus condition or a subtle problem that could cause strain in the eye called amblyopia or “lazy eye.”
  1. Ocular motility testing- It is an eye movement test performed to determine how well your eyes can follow an object that moves quickly between and accurately fixates on two different targets. For testing eye movements, your doctor will steadily hold your head and guide you to follow the movement slowly with an object held in your hand with light or another target with your eyes only.
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For checking fast eye movements, your doctor will ask you to move both your eyes between two objects kept at a distance apart from one another. If you have problems with eye movement, this will result in headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, and other issues.

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The significance of extensive eye exams

Comprehensive eye exams are essential for your health, and you should never overlook their importance. You should book them at a good clinic and ensure you take all your previous prescriptions with you on the final day. Make sure you carry your spectacles or contact lenses with you as well.

Before your comprehensive eye examination, keep your eyes rested. Do not over-exert your eyes before the test. Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine, and remember to carry your insurance documents on the day of the test. Lastly, do not feel scared or intimidated by the eye examination, so remember to relax.

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