SCUF Controller: Installation, Benefits, Functionality, And Review

A SCUF controller is simply a device designed to increase airflow to a gaming system. While not a necessity for high-end systems, they can offer some real advantages for budget PC builds. SCUF controllers add a nice touch to any PC build and help keep things cool while keeping noise levels down. Most importantly, though, they’re great for increasing airflow over graphics cards, CPUs, and power supplies. There are several models of SCUF controllers available online and in stores.

How to Install SCUF Controller?

Installing a SCUF controller is quick and straightforward. Simply remove the old fan, install the new one, and plug everything back together. If you have a case with an included PSU shroud, you can easily just slide the fan inside and screw its mounting bracket into place. Otherwise, you might need to use screws, double-sided tape, or hot glue to hold it in place. Once installed, make sure to tighten the fan’s mounting bracket until it’s securely attached to the motherboard; don’t worry about using excessive force. Also note that if you’ve got a CPU cooler mounted above the RAM slots, you may need to modify where the fan mounts to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the RAM.

Benefits of using SCUF Controller

All things being equal, yes! Airflow is increased dramatically, resulting in lower temperatures and less strain on components. In fact, many users report seeing their GPU temps drop by 20 degrees or more when using a good quality SCUF controller. Below are a few benefits of SCUF Controller:
SCUFAuto Controller:
Controls the temperature of your lights.
Inspects the environment inside the grow tent.
Allows you to control airflow without having to open windows.
Sends alerts if any components of the system fail.
Automatic Grow Tent:
Automatically adjusts the internal temperature based on the outside temperatures and humidity.
Controls the amount of light and CO 2 that pass through the material.
Automatically opens the tent’s door at night, and closes it during the day.
Automatically shuts off fans and pumps if no light is detected.
Allows you to monitor the environment inside the grow room even if it has been closed for days.

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Pump Auto Setpoint Control:

Automatically regulates airflow and pump speed to maintain the desired set point.
Automatically increases or decreases fan speed to maintain the desired humidity.
Alarms send out an alert if any of these devices fail.

What is the functionality of the SCUF Controller?

Now let’s talk about the functionality of the controller itself. When you first open it up, you’ll find three simple push buttons on top. These buttons are labeled Reset, Lock shot, and Fire. Each of these buttons can perform three different actions. While you’re playing a shooter, for example, you might use the Lock shot button to lock onto targets. Or maybe the Fire button lets you start shooting all weapons at once.

These buttons function similarly to how the Xbox 360’s triggers work. You can program each individual button to perform one action, and each button will automatically change to match whatever action you’ve programmed it to perform. So, for instance, if you set the Lock shot button as a Lock Button, it will become a lock icon whenever you touch it.

When used together, the combination of the five buttons gives you full control over the entire game environment. Want to pause the game? Just touch the Pause Button. Want to reload a weapon? Touch Reload. Need to switch weapons? Touch Switch Weapon. You get the idea.

While I think this type of customizable interface is great,

It would definitely benefit from some additional options. Right now, you can only assign two buttons to a single action. Unfortunately, all of the customizations that I mentioned above require all five buttons to be assigned to a specific task. This means that you’d need four additional buttons just to assign them individually. Luckily, the developers plan to add some extra buttons in future updates.

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One issue that I did experience was that sometimes the buttons didn’t seem to respond immediately. Sometimes it took me several seconds before the desired action occurred. However, I noticed that if I ran my finger across the back of the controller while touching the button, then waited until the button was fully depressed before performing the action, everything worked perfectly fine. Since I’m pretty sure the problem wasn’t with the controller, this indicates that there may be some software instability going on here.

SCUF Controller Review

The first thing you’ll notice about the SCUF Controller is that it looks really cool. It has a sleek design with a black background and silver accents. You could easily mistake it for a high-end gaming device if you weren’t aware of its true purpose. Its shape is perfect for holding hands comfortably while playing games, as well as standing upright for convenient viewing.

But what makes this controller truly exceptional is its customization capabilities. There are five different button positions that you can adjust independently from each other, giving you complete control over the buttons. If you want the analog sticks to move left and right instead of up and down, you can do that easily without having to mess around with the D-pad. And don’t worry about accidentally pushing a button on accident — the controller doesn’t feature any physical buttons, so you won’t ever accidentally press something unless you’re trying to force it.

As far as controls go, the SCUF Controller is not only easy to use, but it’s extremely comfortable to hold. Because you aren’t pressing any buttons, your palms rest naturally on the surface of the controller. This means that you can play for hours without feeling tired or sore. Plus, since there’s no need to adjust for size when wearing the unit, you can use it even while sitting down. All in all, the comfort level of the SCUF Controller is second to none. Hopefully, this content will help you to become a better gamer.

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