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Pointers to keep in mind when you are planning a modular kitchen for your home

A modular kitchen has become a popular concept within the new age of urban homes. It is customized according to the needs of the owners. The best modular kitchen design stands out in comparison to the traditional ones developed by a carpenter as they aid storage and are convenient to use. Since these kitchen designs are factory manufacture red, it is necessary that you need to plan them out in details. So, the changes can be outlined itself during the manufacturing process.

  • A proper planning of the layout- it all depends upon the size of the kitchen as it can be L shaped, straight, U- shaped layout that is bound to ensure a proper work flow. It is better that you opt for the golden triangle rule as the sink, fridge and the hob go on to become the focal point of a kitchen. Even the distance between each of the item tends to range between 4 feet to 9 feet.
  • The choice of the kitchen appliances- A sensible option is to select the kitchen appliances during the design phase itself. The reason being it can be integrated to the layout based on the exact size measurements. For all the plug-in appliances there has to be proper plug points. You have to finalize the position of the cook top cum kitchen chimney unit that has a major suction power. Hence it is going to remove the odors and develop a smell free zone.
  • Optimization of storage- You have to analyze the storage requirements of the premises, and figure out the different size of drawers for storing electrical appliances, cabinets and so on. It is better if you opt for a dedicated storage unit to store all the kitchen items. You may also optimize the vertical storage, where you increase the height of the overhead cabinets till the ceiling level. If you come across any gap among the overhead units or the ceiling then the cabinet top accumulates a lot of dust.
  • The choice of the materials- It is advisable that you opt for a boiler water-resistant unit. A suggestion is to opt for plywood in comparison to less resistant materials or particles that is bound to get damaged in moisture-driven conditions. You have to choose among docto paint finish, laminate, and acrylic to replicate the exact finish of the kitchen. For the countertop portion materials like quartz or granite turn out to be the best option. Do not use marble since it is a porous material that makes it prone to some form of staining.
  • The shade combination- When the question of a classic kitchen design emerges the shade combination holds a lot of importance. You may opt for a single shade or a couple of shades which is with a contrasting theme. For the kitchen cabinets, you may think on the lines of a matte finish as a glossy finish could replicate fingerprints or smudges easily.
  • Introduction of under cabinet lighting- The ceiling lighting is responsible over the overall lighting of the kitchen. But an overhead cabinet is known to cast a shadow and on the countertop dark zones can be developed. Hence it is suggested that you go on to make provision of under-cabinet lighting so that there is proper lighting when it comes to food preparation.
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The problems that tend to arise with a modular kitchen and how to solve them

The modern version of a modular kitchen is functional and can be customized based on the needs of customers. Not only it is expensive to install but it happens to be a long-term investment of sorts, it has to be comfortable and serve you for a considerable period of time. At the initial stage, there are a few problems that are bound to arise and you can tackle them in the following ways

Shape issues

For a compact kitchen, an L-shaped layout works out to be a suitable option. If you feel that the kitchen is spacious you can opt for an island with an L-shaped design. Around the kitchen, there needs to be proper space for air circulation so that you do not feel cramped in the kitchen.

Poor planning

Before you finalize the layout, it is necessary to have a proper idea about the position of the sink, hob and fridge. It is based on the working style along with the comfort of the end user. You need to make a list of the electrical appliances that you should be accommodating in the kitchen.

The wrong choice of the materials

The durability along with the strength of a kitchen is dependent upon the choice of the materials. It is better that you opt for sturdy components like granite, or quartz. It is better that you opt for a boiling-resistant unit and do not choose low-quality materials. A quality decision is to opt for stainless steel that is devoid of rust.

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Wrong fixtures of the kitchen

It is fundamental that you go on to choose kitchen accessories, that is bound to provide you with maximum utility. The list of popular kitchen accessories are a pull out drawer, bin holder and a tall unit. Make it a point that the channels along with the hardware is heavy duty so that it is in a position to cope up with the weight of the units.

Lack of proper ventilation

The kitchen that you need to plan out should have proper levels of ventilation. It prevents the build up of any form of smoke or odor. For natural ventilation, there needs to be a window. A move is to install a chimney with a high suction power, so that you are able to remove the unwanted particles from the kitchen premises.

To conclude give due consideration to the storage requirements of the kitchen. There has to be different sized drawers for keeping the various types of materials in the kitchen. This is going to provide you with a worthy kitchen of sorts.

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