Over-Dyed Rugs Always A Go-To Go? – Floorspace Tell You Why.

Have you heard of over-dyed rugs or distressed rugs? Well, if you haven’t, then need not worry, you can read further to know more about this rug, which rugs exactly they are, what are their characteristics and how they can be put to use?

Over-dyed rugs are vintage wool and antique carpets which goes under complete makeover after becoming a little worn out and faded because of years of usage. As the name goes, they are dyed again to bring back their lost luster.

  • They are qualitative

There are only two types of rugs that can undergo the over-dyeing and they are vintage woolen rugs and hand-knotted antiques. The reason behind this is that woolen is a few of the fibers that can bear the harsh chemicals. Silk rugs or soft cotton rugs will become irreparable damage in such cases and the same goes for any other synthetic material.

Similarly, a hand-tufted rug even when made of wool is not fit for over dyeing. The more qualitative rug is turned into an over-dyed rug the better it is. The gist of the point is, that the rugs chosen for over-dyeing purposes are more durable and have first-rate material.

  • They are eco-friendly

Over dyed rugs are worn out rugs dyed again. This promotes recycling. Old fabric is being given a new life by completely transforming it. Due to this, owners can use the same rug again in a different manner. It is necessary and a noble act to make an effort to save the environment and rug makers are doing the same by using the over-dyeing technique.

  • Over-dyed rugs are for one and all
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A rug brings life into the room or place where it is being used. It is the soul of the place but not everyone can afford high-quality and genuine rug. However, an over-dyed rug can be afforded easily as compared to a vintage carpet. One of the most important things is the essence remains the same i.e. merits of Persian, Moroccan, or Turkish craftsmanship are preserved.

  • They are one trendy piece

The technique of over-dyeing allows an artisan to dye a carpet and give it a fresh look. The fabric, strength of the weave, and knot remain the same, only the outlook is changed as per your latest décor. Somehow, these rugs bridge the gap between new and old rugs by retaining their antique appeal and adding a dash of modern color.

There is one other technique as well of over-dyeing and it involves making a patchwork carpet. Under this parts are saved from the destroyed old rugs and then these parts are sewn together using yarn. The colors can vary from bold contrasts to same tone shades. Once the rug is put together, it will undergo a dyeing process. After this, you are provided with a lucrative masterpiece.

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