Our Essential List of personalized gift items to meet any occasion

It fills your heart with immense satisfaction ‘to pick a joy’ for someone. A gift is that joy that cannot be surmised in words. It is a great way to make someone feel special, strengthen bonding, acknowledge someone’s worth, make them feel cared for and loved, or say sorry over the gift.

Personalized Lamps:

You are the star shining in someone’s life and a personalised lamp brings you the opportunity to say the same. You may pick the shape and look that appeal to you the most.

Jupiter lamp- available in different colors, yellow, and cool white, dimmable lamps. This gift is suitable for kids to adults and is perfect stuff for bedside tables with 3D LED bulbs. It comes with wooden portable stands.

Moon lamp– with wooden tripod- The personalized gift in the form of a moon lamp is often adorned by the receivers as it is believed to bring good luck. The 3D personalized lamp is made of plastic with a portable wooden stand.  Its glow adds a warm atmosphere at home and promises accompaniment. Your exclusive customized photo with name and date fixes the special occasion and time of gifting as well.

Bottle lamp- Amongst personalized lamps, bottle lamps are dearly stunning, easily affordable, and fit in any corner of your house. Glass as the base material and strands of small 3D colorful Bulbs make it a simple yet elegant gift item.

Cylindrical lamp- In the list of personalized gifts, this lamp can be used in multiple ways, as a standing lamp, small table lamp or even hanging lamp. Wrap your emotions in personalized cylindrical lamps and remain connected forever.

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Rotating lamp- Personalized lamps also come with a rotating base and decorate your room with a swirling magical glow. The 3D luminous lamps can be used for a dance party at home. The versatile use of personalized lamps makes this item a popular pick for buyers.

Crystal lamp– with rotating base- This set of lamps comes with a complete glass finish with a customized photo and a metal rotating base. The cost of this lamp is a little on higher but makes a classic gift item.

Lamps suit every small big occasion and can be gifted as a decoration quotient of your personal space or drawing room or bedroom. The pricing of personalized lamps is moderate and reachable for all.

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Wall of memories: Want to have your own collage farm?

Personalized Photo Frames: When it comes to personalized gifts, photo frames stand as all-time favorites. This personalized item is always convincing for every occasion when you wish to gift someone and make them feel special. Customized wooden photo frames and customized wooden photo collage frames give a personal touch to your living cum dining room.

Personalized plaques: Wish to commemorate someone’s achievement?

Personalized wooden Plaques- Selecting official gift items is quite a challenge to avoid embarrassment. The personalized wooden plaque bears a traditional yet authentic look and can decorate your office table. This item is fade resistant and can be customized with farm dark shades.

Personalized plaque with 3D crystal glass- The shiny texture looks eye-catching and ideal for official and home décor. LED light base crystal plaque gives another dimension to such a personalized gift.


None can beat time:  Every time you look at the clock and smile

Personalized Photo Clock- Nothing can beat this titan. A personalized photo clock is a great idea to fix your favorite moment and get that customized. The clocks are given a catchy look to beautify your wall.

New arrivals keep coming so keeping a check is always advisable. The upward list of gift items is timeless and melts every heart when offered!

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