Nine quick fixes if you dropped your laptop or netbook.

If you drop your laptop or netbook. You must read this article carefully. It contains instructions and helps you back up and run it if possible. I’ve included the most common laptop and netbook malfunctions after dropping them on the floor. If your laptop for skyrim or netbook shows these symptoms Find a solution below. Most solutions are small, do-it-yourself, fixable, some require professional help. while for some Replacing a laptop or netbook is the most cost-effective solution.

Here are the main symptoms that usually occur after dropping your laptop or netbook and the respective quick fixes. Disclaimer – Any work you do on your laptop or netbook is your responsibility. The author cannot conclude that the hotfix is ​​suitable for any purpose. You are solely responsible for any accidental or unintentional damage to your laptop. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before turning on your laptop or netbook. Make sure to disconnect your laptop from all power sources. And make sure you are properly grounded and connected to the laptop bag before attempting to open the laptop bag.

Symptom: CD drive not working Solution: Open the laptop bag and install the CD drive connector.

Symptom: The screen of the notebook or netbook is cracked in several places. You may or may not see the image Solution: If you cannot see the image at all You can connect your laptop to an external monitor and work from there. When you see the video output from your computer Transfer all data to another computer via Ethernet or wirelessly. or burn the data to a CD/DVD recording disc. You can replace the screen if there are financial reasons, otherwise it’s best to replace the entire laptop or netbook.

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Symptom: Notebook won’t charge after being dropped. make the charger able to charge See if you can turn on and reinstall the laptop. Or take your laptop to a repair shop. Make sure it is financially appropriate to make changes. You need to assess how valuable your laptop is to you.

Symptom: CD/DVD drive won’t open after dropping Make it Use a pin to poke a small hole in the CD/DVD slot next to the light. The CD/DVD should open.

Symptom: USB plug such as a wireless mouse plug. broadband dongle Or the broadband antenna is damaged. Solution: First verify that the plug-in or dongle is not working by testing it on a different USB port and on a different computer. If the plug-in or dongle or antenna doesn’t work on another computer replace

Symptom: USB plug, broadband dongle. or damaged antenna But it works on another computer. Solution: Open the laptop case and place the USB connector on the motherboard. If that doesn’t work, the USB port on the laptop can be replaced.

Symptom: The wireless pcmcia card is broken. Solution: Replace the pcmcia card with a wireless USB card.

Symptom: Windows Vista or Windows 7 won’t start Solution: This might be a hard drive problem, see below.

Symptom: Hard drive problem. This is especially important if the laptop uses a hard drive to write data. There may be symptoms such as no signal on the screen. The operating system is loading. or the hard drive light is not on. If you can enter Windows Safe Mode by pressing F8, you can try checking your hard drive with chkdsk c: /f as mentioned in a previous article. If that fails, you may need to replace the hard drive. and reinstall the operating system You will then need to restore your data from the backup.

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there you have it Nine quick fixes or tips for what to do if your laptop falls to the ground. This is often an unfortunate event. But now you still have a chance to fix it quickly. Be sure to check the laptop manufacturer’s specifications regarding your laptop as a bonus. You can find a laptop’s shock tolerance value when it’s running and when it’s not in use or turned off. You might be surprised to learn that the laptop withstands shocks much better when powered off. During sleep or hibernation mode Try putting your laptop into sleep or hibernation mode. or turn it off completely when you’re not using it. You not only save energy and spare parts. But you can also protect your laptop from unexpected bumps, such as if the laptop is dropped.

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