Learn The Difference Between Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Fibers

As the world of hair extensions keeps on developing, so do the materials utilized for making these full lace wigs. What once was just a dream to have flawless looking healthy hair is now the reality thanks to innovation in the wig industry that has come with full lace wigs and HD lace wigs. Though the plethora of extensions are now available in the market, it is very obvious to get curious on which one to go for.

The industry today is primarily dealing in two types of material when it comes to hair extension- human hair and synthetic fibers. Both of them come with their own charm and advantages but when it comes to choosing only one, a proper thought should be invested. This blog will solely discuss the differences and after effects of both of the materials, so that you as a user can make the best decision for yourself. Let’s get started.

What Is Real Human Hair?

Human hair alludes to hair which has been sourced from humans.  This  guarantees that the hair will stay smooth, sparkling, and generally without tangle all through its lifetime. The hair is easy to be later treated at occasions for variety, be that as it may, generally, the quality of the hair remains. This kind of hair is the best as it in a real sense comes from humans and tends to behave like genuine normal human hair. This accomplishes the most genuine looking blend of your full lace wig, yet additionally enjoys a lot more benefits underneath.

What Is Synthetic Hair?

Synthetic hair extensions are produced using different chemical and polycarbonate materials and contain no human hair by any means. They can be produced using acrylic, nylon, or polyesters, which are warmed and put in small miniature cylinders to create the texture and appearance of hair strands. Since synthetic hair is produced using unantural materials, it might never genuinely replicate the feel of human hair. They sometimes have an unnatural sparkle, and are more observable as a hair piece, especially if you are trying a lace front wig as the blending will be too obvious to show difference.

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Principal Pointers Of Difference

Principal Pointers Of Difference

  • Color Tones

Human hair extensions are more frequently accessible in ashy tones that manufactured synthetic hair extensions are really hard to find to match your hair.

Synthetic hair extensions are generally level, single-conditioned with unnatural looking shades. Frequently they are exceptionally warm conditioned shades with no ashiness and difficult to be conditioned or colored to match your own hair.

  • Texture

Human hair has a milder, silkier and more distinguished texture. These extensions are produced using natural proteins that make your real hair.

Synthetic hair extensions have a more unpleasant, dryer surface as they are not produced using normal proteins and hence don’t hold dampness. In this way, they are a lot harsher and dryer to contact. Frequently manufactured hair will cluster together when contacted.

  • Look And Feel


Human hair lace front wigs are ultra delicate and luxurious. They are adaptable for styling and smooth when installed. It is a lot simpler to run a brush or your fingers through which takes into consideration speedy and simple detangling.

Synthetic hair feels significantly less delicate and plush. They are frequently dreary and look fake. They are considerably less adaptable than human hair and can feel solid when worn or contacted. Frequently they can be hard to run your fingers or a brush through, making detangling very troublesome.

  • Styling

Human hair extensions are purely safe to be heat styled like your own hair and can deal with higher temperatures. These sets are significantly more great for twisting and making various hairstyles.

Manufactured hair are not safe to heat styles and frequently scorches or melts the hair strands on high temperatures. The synthetic full lace wigs are significantly more ideal to simply apply and good for 1 look without expecting to style.

  • Shelf Life

The good quality human hair lace wigs from brands like True Glory Hair will endure for around an year and rest relies upon care systems and frequent usage of the same.

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Synthetic hair extensions have a more limited life expectancy and are considerably more great for only a couple of purposes.

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair: Is Really Topic Of Debate?

Look And Feel

A quick answer yes, a detailed answer ends up in yes as well but below is the reason for it:. 

Human hair extensions are produced using different kinds of human hair, from different continents and countries around the world, but sourced from humans only. In spite of the fact that there are various grades of human hair relying upon how the hair has been gathered, treated, and arranged, the human hair lace wigs have that originality and genuineness in the appearance that relates to the user and they successfully manage to blend for seamless look. Whereas, the synthetic extensions with their super fine gloss and rubber material tend to show a too good to be true image that puts it in a red spot and makes it difficult for users to blend it with natural hair effortlessly.

4 Reasons To Choose Human Hair Full Lace Lace Wigs Over Synthetic Hair

  1. The main benefit to wearing a human hair expansion is the consistent normal look. It is, as a matter of fact, normally developed from a human head of hair which implies that the texture looks genuine. Human hair extensions have generally similar properties as your own hair and should be dealt with accordingly without much of the botheration.
  2. The other incredible potential gain of wearing human hair extensions is their sturdy durability. However long you are using the extension it will require some basic care but that too the one u can use on your regular hair.
  3. The most appealing advantages of human hair extensions are their adaptability. A significant benefit to human hair is having the option to have the choice to variety/color it. It is an extraordinary choice for those who need to switch around their look and style.
  4. Another gigantic pat on the back of a human hair expansion is its lifespan. Whenever taken appropriate consideration of, human hair extensions can in a real sense last you for quite a long time.
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4 Reasons To Choose Synthetic Wigs Over Human Hair

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair

  1. One of the most appealing advantages of buying synthetic curly hair extensions is the expense. It is regularly only a small portion of the cost as compared to the quality of human hair extensions. 
  2. Synthetic hair extensions are non reactive to the atmosphere.. This infers that the weather conditions won’t influence your style or cause frizzing. It clutches anything that sets the style it accompanied. Most manufactured hair extensions have an extraordinary shift focus over them and are a good choice for ladies who want one type of style only.
  3. At last, synthetic hair extensions are simpler to really focus on. The wash isn’t required as frequently, which typically will bring about the hair enduring a light longer. The typical time frame for day to day wear synthetic hair extensions is around 4-5 months.
  4. It is good for people who want vibrant hair colors as synthetic hair extensions show maximum color tint at the best.

In The End

While both the variations enjoy a few magnificent benefits, they have a couple of drawbacks, and it’s perfect to consider these choices when you conclude which one is the ideal choice for you. Your decision enormously relies upon what you are searching for, and what you believe that should do when you have them in. There are no correct decisions, so make a proper checklist of your requirements to track down best for yourself. Shop from True Glory Hair If you want best human hair full lace wigs that are style-adaptable, easy to maintain with great finish.

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