Kanat Sultanbekov- Combating Health and Safety Issues On The Construction Jobsite

Keeping your workers safe on the Jobsite is the topmost priority of every construction project manager. The conditions on the site experience rapid change, and unexpected issues can surface at any time creating mild or significant risks to the projects. Moreover, major accidents might occur, causing severe fatalities to your workers. The goal of every project manager should be to keep the job site free from accidents and ensure that every worker safely goes home to their family at the end of their shift

Kanat Sultanbekovarresting safety hazards at construction project sites 

is a widely respected construction manager from New York, known for his outstanding track record in completing projects in time with the highest standards of safety. He is a motivational leader and is known to balance the elements of strategic planning, risk assessment, and operational processes so well on the site that even first-time jobs are error-free.

According to him, severe accidents on the site harm workers and can halt or even cause potential delays in the project delivery. Moreover, there will be low morale and a sharp dip in the workers’ productivity on the site. All of these factors will add up to the project’s financial risks due to the expenses the company faces because of the accident.

Practical solutions 

In his opinion, it is way cheaper for companies to invest in engineering controls, training, and PPE kits to reduce accidents on the site. As a project manager, you must ensure that all the subcontractors working with you on the project. Equally understand this commitment to safety and offer training to their workers when they come in to join you.

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Conduct meetings on how to maintain safety on the worksite 

Before a construction project commences, you should meet with your workers and subcontractors about safety. The agenda for this meeting must cover the hazards and the risks present at every stage of the construction process. Ensure everyone reviews and understands your plans for safety created. For the specific project all of you will be working on.

What topics should you cover in the meeting?

The topics you should cover in the meeting before the commencement of the project should be. Safe practices for work that should be applied to different tasks, with the identification, correct use. Of personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, and the essential practices for first-aid care. You should also discuss the different safety measures for engineering practices that should or will be executed on the site.

According to as a project manager, you should conduct toolbox talks every week to reinforce your worker’s commitment to safety on the job. You must focus on high-risk scenarios and inform workers about changes to the working conditions or site. You can divide them into the tasks to be done for each day. Focusing on the possible hazards and the ways to complete them safely without risks. Make sure that this is implemented.

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