Insurance Adjusters in Huntington: What Shouldn’t You Say?

Insurance companies rely on adjusters to look into incidents and determine whether they think they should be held accountable before they agree to pay out on claims resulting from auto accidents. Although insurance adjusters frequently give off a real and kind impression, it’s important to keep in mind that they work for insurance companies and not for your best interests.

Any words you use with an insurance adjuster have the potential to greatly alter how they view your case. If you don’t take care, you can find yourself paying for that. It is best to have a trustworthy Huntington car accident lawyer at your side immediately after your accident because you will probably need to meet with an insurance adjuster at some time.

After an accident in Indiana, what should I say to the insurance adjuster?

Anytime you contact an insurance adjuster, bear in mind that they are continuously trying to minimise your claim in order to save their employer money. In general, it’s best to just have your lawyer handle any communications with the insurance provider.

If you don’t yet have legal counsel, you can nevertheless give the adjuster the following fundamental information:

  • Your full name
  • Your home address and telephone number
  • The accident’s time, date, and place
  • Information on the opposing driver
  • Identifying details regarding any involved cars
  • Information on how to reach any witnesses

Avoid communicating the following kinds of facts or assertions:

  • Don’t divulge private information about your finances or employment.
  • Don’t offer speculation or unconfirmed facts regarding what occurred.
  • Never apologise or accept responsibility for the collision in any way.
  • Never say you’re OK or bring up your injuries or general health.
  • Don’t offer any recorded or written statements.
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Is there anything that insurance adjusters look for in Indiana?

Finding out if or how the insurance company must pay much money to settle a claim is the fundamental objective of insurance adjusters’ investigations into accidents. After determining that the insurance provider is at fault, the adjuster will start looking for excuses to lower the amount the insurer is required to pay.

In order to determine the accident’s cause and whether the claim is false, adjusters will first investigate the incident. The automobiles in question are frequently subjected to physical inspections by adjusters. They may also go over accident records, witness testimony, and other sorts of physical evidence.

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