It should be no surprise that 4B hair doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Regarding 4b curl types, it can be considered the hardest to hairstyle and care for, but that’s not the important thing. If you have type 4B coily hair, you may have noticed that your coily hair needs more moisturizer and a boost in the definition of type, but once you’ve mastered these two fields, your hair will flourish. Read on to learn how to care for, style, and protect your tight 4B coily hair using these easy-to-follow tips to help you achieve maximum results every time you wash your hair. Trust us—with these easy-to-follow tips under your belt, and you’ll have the best coily hair days in no time!

How do you know your hair type?

4B hair is the second tightest curly pattern, after tightest 4c curly pattern. Type 4B hair is a coily hair type and is typically dense packed. If you have curly 4B hair, your curls will have a zigzag pattern. But the curly hair should still be identifiable. 4B hair tends to be dry and prone to breakage—that’s where styling products come into play. To discover your curly hair type, start by wetting your hair. If it’s curly when wet, then it’s probably 4B.

Some tips for keeping your 4b hair healthy

Long 4b hair, also called coily hair, can be very hard to manage. Here are some tips for caring for your curls and coils. Use a hair conditioner. As we all know, curly type and coily hair need more moisture. That’s why reaching for a hair conditioner like the hair milk cleansing conditioner that’s free of sulfates and filled with uber-hydrating. Nourishing some ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E will help keep your scalp and hair free of product build-up without stripping away necessary oils.

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Skip brushes and combs when possible

If you have 4B hair, detangling your hair is the best practice. Brushes your hair can rip through your delicate hair strands and cause them to breakage and split ends, but with fingers, detangling allows you to gently remove your knots without damaging them. To add slip before finger detangling your hair, try the hair cream. This hair cream formula allows tangles to slip out of your hair and doubles as a primer before styling them. Moisture is point key when it comes to curly hair—including 4B hair! It’s nigh impossible to have healthy curly hair if you don’t keep your coils properly moisturized. Stock up on products chock-full of hydrating ingredients like this enhancing butter made with coconut oil, mango seed butter, and coconut milk.

Experiment with protective styles

Protective styles are your friend if you live in a place that gets cold and dry during the winter season. We’re talking flat twists, Bantu knots, and elegant updos that will help protect your ends and give your hair a break from friction. Find which styles are ideal for your hair length and lifestyle, and stick to them! Deep condition regularly to keep 4B hair healthy. When your strands are stripped of moisture, your coils will get out of whack and lose their definition and soft texture. That’s why applying a hair mask weekly is best for keeping 4b natural hair type healthy. The hair mask helps restore moisture, repair damage, and prevent breakage by sealing in moisture instantly after washing so that your curls are deeply moisturized after just 5 minutes of use!

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