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How to Meet Locals in Las Vegas—Citysurfing

With its five-star resorts, world-class restaurants, stellar shopping, unrivaled entertainment, and 24/7 pulse—from classic Downtown Las Vegas to the famous Las Vegas Strip and beyond—this one-of-a-kind city owns the throne as the world’s premier tourist destination. Get the lay of the land in Nevada’s largest city, a vision for visiting Vegas like a pro, and tips on exploring the stunning sights of southern Nevada.

It is a city that was made for entertainment, carved out of the Mojave Desert with escape in mind. Millions of people visit Las Vegas annually to relax, dine, shop, see performers, experience the nightlife and, of course, enjoy a go at the gaming tables.

If you’re visiting the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” for the first time then enjoying fun activities with a Las Vegas local that knows the ins and outs of the city is a must do.

Las Vegas is big and it’s not easy deciding where to go or how to get there. That’s why hanging out with someone that lives locally is a great idea. Locals can help you easily navigate a city and find all the best places to shop, eat, and have fun. To meet locals, try the travel marketplace.

On Citysurfing you can meet and book locals in Las Vegas that are available to help first time travellers and people relocating.

There are Las Vegas locals that will show you around; locals that offer tour guide services; locals that provide translation, photography, and videography services; and even locals that do pick ups, drop offs and drive-arounds.

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It’s a great way to experience a new city like a local and make new friends at the same time.

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