How to measure and keep track of employee engagement

Employee engagement can tell you how happy your employees are within the organisation, which in turn will give you a solid insight into how likely they are to stay. Not to mention, the more your team members engage, the more productive they are from day to day.

Here are some tips on how to measure and keep track of employee engagement, so that your business has the best chance of retaining your most valued staff.

Employee turnover rate

Keeping track of your employee turnover is essential to monitoring how your business is performing. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, monitoring how many people have started at and/or left your business, and why, is an important step in managing employee engagement. And if you feel like your turnover rate is too high, it could be time to assess why so many members of staff have chosen to leave your company.

Employee retention rate

When looking at staff turnover, it’s easy to focus on the potential negatives. However, instead of mulling over why employees might have left (and it is important to know why!), also take a look at how many staff members have decided to stay for the long haul.

Ask your current long-term employees what makes them happy within their roles and what perks they most enjoy about working at the company. Plus, don’t be afraid to ask what they think can be improved, as this information could lead you to implement changes that will positively affect employee retention in the future.

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Net promoter score & employee survey

Asking your employees for feedback, both positive and negative, is a wonderful way to improve your employee engagement and continue having a happy workforce. So why not carry out an employee survey to ask them about their working days? Alternatively, you could opt for a net promoter score, which is a popular tool used by companies to measure the satisfaction of their employees.

Both net promoter scores and surveys will give you invaluable information about how the staff feel, and if there are changes to be made, you can set about creating a plan to implement these improvements.


Everyone needs time off work unexpectedly, sometimes. However, if you notice a rise in the overall number of absentees, it might be time to question why so many of your staff are out of office so regularly.

If you feel like your staff are lacking motivation, employee surveys, one-to-one chats or even a few friendly emails will help you to understand where you can improve employee engagement. And if you want to organise all of these things even when you’re out of the office yourself, then a great mobile HR software program will help you schedule everything, freeing up more time for you to get on with your own working day.

External Rating e.g. Glassdoor

Over the last few years, sites like Glassdoor and Trustpilot have made it easy for both employees and staff members to look at how people view their company. So if you’re in charge of a business, and need to take a step back, have a look at some external sites to see your company through the eyes of a potential member of staff, or even a customer.

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Checking out your own business’ Glassdoor profile will give you an insight as to how much your employees enjoy working for the company, as well as how likely they are to recommend it to a friend.


We all want to know that our employees are happy. But it’s unrealistic to strive for 100% staff satisfaction 100% of the time. That said, by monitoring your employee engagement and making improvements along the way, you can create a consistently content workforce that not only enjoy their working day, but who are more productive and likely to stay with your company for years to come.

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