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How to Evaluate a Salesforce Development Consultant

Today, organizations rely more on Consultants to assist with Salesforce development. This is logical considering that one of the primary selling features of a Software-as-a-Service model is that it does not need considerable IT resources to operate successfully. However, this does not imply that firms will not need knowledge professionals to maximize the value of their Salesforce investment.


When selecting a Salesforce Consultant for your business, there are three crucial factors to consider in determining if the firm you’re conversing with can satisfy your organization’s goals. When selecting the most suitable Salesforce Consultant for your project, you should seek Effective Communicators, Knowledge Experts, and Innovative Solution Providers. You can also share these with your hiring managers, mortgage recruiters, or relevant acquisition team of your industry to make a list of these five factors.


Communication is bidirectional! A Salesforce Development consultant’s most crucial responsibility is listening to and comprehending your company’s goals. While you may be aware of your ultimate functionality objective, you rely on your consulting partner to ask the appropriate questions to guarantee that these concepts can be turned into designs.


Before any work starts, you should be sure that your ideas have been accurately interpreted. You should be supplied with a written description of your consulting partner’s understanding of the project’s scope. Choosing a partner who can adapt to change is another crucial facet of creating a partnership with a consulting firm. The company moves swiftly, and so does your business demand. Your consulting partner needs to be adaptable enough to accommodate tiny variations in requirements. Choosing an Agile organization will result in more adaptability and satisfaction. Agile organizations use time and materials rather than the classic requirements-heavy, fixed-price waterfall model. Using a T&M and Agile approach will guarantee project success, but be careful to understand how the organization maintains the project’s budget while using Agile.

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Experts with Expertise: When selecting a consulting partner, you should work with Knowledge specialists. While you may not need a full-time programming genius, your consulting partner should provide you with the best skills. Salesforce has made it easy to locate firms with the necessary expertise for your project. It has separated its knowledge expert certificates into three tracks: Administrator, Developer, and Implementation Experts.

Salesforce Certified Administrators are professionals in user administration and security, process and approvals automation, and Sales and Service cloud’s fundamental features. Your Salesforce Certified Administrator is your primary resource for managing and sustaining your Salesforce organization. Certified Developers are specialists in both the declarative, or clicks-not-code, capabilities of Salesforce and identifying use cases and best practices for developing bespoke apps utilizing Apex and Visualforce. Your developer partner will be able to guide you in establishing an efficient data model, analyzing and configuring your security settings, implementing complex business logic, and personalizing your user experience.


Implementation Expert – Salesforce provides two distinct certificates to show skill in performing first installations. Certified Sales Cloud Consultants and Certified Service Cloud Consultants have shown their ability to tackle the rigorous hurdles associated with integrating customer-facing solutions. Sales Cloud Consultants can build Sales and Marketing solutions, apps, and user interfaces to boost productivity and analytic tools to measure important KPIs. Service Cloud Consultants can create solutions for organizations that foster long-term client success. Your Service Cloud Consulting Partner will create Customer Contact Center Solutions that can integrate essential Service Cloud capabilities like Cases, Customer and Partner Portals, and Knowledge Bases.

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Innovative Service Suppliers: These skill combinations and core competencies are essential for a successful Salesforce Consulting Partner. While there are several methods to build and deploy a Salesforce solution, a competent Salesforce consultancy partner will be able to counsel on Best Practices and identify unique solutions that are tailored to your particular company’s needs. Salesforce and the platform are adaptable because no two organizations are identical, and their technology solutions must be unique to enhance productivity.


Company Stability: The company’s tenure in business is crucial! You want to guarantee that Manufacturing Staffing Agency is a comprehensive solution provider for all your technological requirements, not simply a “Salesforce boutique company.” If the organization has a successful track record and has worked with more than just Salesforce, it can provide solutions in more than one area. This organization is a fantastic option since they have the scalability and in-house expertise to suit any of your needs. Also, if they have been in business for at least ten years, it is unlikely that they will take your money and leave or that they will be shutting their doors soon. Verify the size of their balance sheet and their financial stability.


Reputation for Integrity: Do they have customer satisfaction issues? We hope not! Requesting a non-disclosure agreement as soon as possible is one strategy to get comprehension. Next, request references to determine who you’re working with!

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