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How many pictures can 128GB hold?

If you plan on downloading your new card or even upgrading your current card, you’re probably excited to approach taking photos. You might be wondering, how many pictures can 128GB hold? The answer is not quite as long as you might imagine. Read on to discover what goes into photo storage and to make the most of that file.


JPEG, Raw and DNG Files- Explanation:

When deciding how many photos an SD card can hold, you must consider its best output type, such as JPEG or RAW. JPEG files are common and easily opened on any platform. You can also use your camera’s proprietary RAW file, but view this only on your camera.


Other file types than DNG are Adobe’s special photo file format. Plug and play on any device with software compatible with DNG so that you don’t need always to convert it.


However, these variables might affect the file size and the number of pictures you can store on 128GB SD cards or hard drives.


JPEG Quality Settings and Photo Size-Explanation:

A 128GB memory card or hard drive can hold approximately 35,500 images. A lower-quality image will use smaller files, while a better quality will use several gigabytes in each picture. Within a 12MP camera, a picture will take up approximately 128 gigabytes and about 35,500 pictures. However, in a 24MP camera, only 2,600 photos can fit in the same space.


Size of DNG file:

DNG files are approximately the same size as RAW files. The biggest difference is that you can open DNG files by computer using Adobe software. If you need to open RAW files, you can convert them to DNG without loss of space.

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Size of Raw Files

The majority of RAW files on your camera will be a little bit larger than JPEG files. As a result of that, you (ordinarily) won’t have as much storage space for these files compared to JPEG files. An uncompressed RAW file usually measures about thirty megabytes, which is approximately the same size as a high-quality JPEG file. You could store about 4300 pictures on a 128GB memory card. To move your photos from your computer or SD card, you can hold them that way.


Effects of Camera Resolution

You have to consider your high-end camera and its resolution when determining how many videos you can store by contacting 128GB of storage. Using low-quality cameras can result in small storage files for the videos. Keep an eye on the size of you came to check whether you can hold a lot more videos in a given storage area. But having the ability to store more videos does indicate you may need to compromise on image quality.


So, if a raw file is 30 MB of space, it can fit in the following memory cards:

32 GB = 1,092 photos

64 GB = 2,184 photos

128 GB = 4,368 photos

256 GB = 8,732 photos


JPG files are almost too much to count at 7 MB each is in size approx.:

32 GB = 4,700 photos

64 GB = 9400 photos

128 GB = 18,800 photos

256 GB = 37,600 photos

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