Factors to Consider Before Choosing Good CBSE Schools in Bangalore

Bengaluru is India’s tech capital and one of the most attractive cities. Bangalore is well known to comprise the most sought-after educational institutes in India. Some are over a century old and have stood the test of time! Others, despite their inexperience, are outperforming the competition. Parents are sure to be perplexed.

Crucial Factors to Consider While Choosing CBSE Schools in Bangalore

Schools go beyond traditional classroom teaching to mold young brains subtly. A good school makes children develop as strong decision-makers, confident in their identities, and aware of their surroundings. 

However, choosing some good CBSE schools in Bangalore is not a mere cup of tea. One needs to deeply evaluate and compare in order to do the right fit for the child’s education. Here are some of the crucial factors to consider before you hop on to the right CBSE residential schools in Bangalore. 

  1. Curriculum provision

  • Visit as many schools as possible; they are all unique and offer a variety of teaching techniques. Be wary of schools that claim to teach specific curriculums from other nations when, in fact, they only teach particular parts, as this will affect any future tests that children may take connected to that curriculum.
  • Before you attend, research what curriculum they offer to understand what the children will be taught. You may ask appropriate questions for your child, especially if your child is approaching a critical exam period.
  • Have a brief look at the artwork on the school walls. Is it just “the finest” writing, or is there a specific range? (A field indicates that all children’s work is appreciated and valued.)
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  2. Entrance exam

  • Some schools have entrance exams. Allow your youngster to do this with a little caution. Any competent school or teacher will immediately assess your child’s level of ability and classify suitable assignments. A test given to a frightened child does not reflect their genuine aptitude. You want their first day at a new school to be positive and not based on a sham test.

  3. Academic achievement and school atmosphere

  • Consider your child’s requirements carefully. Some children thrive in a structured academic setting, while others enjoy hands-on practical learning that allows them to move around more.
  •  Make sure there is a combination of hands-on learning, practical tasks, and intellectual learning where they sit and listen. Consider your academic experience; did you love pages and pages of mathematical calculations, remembering your tables by heart, or writing for hours?
  • Be cautious while listening to parent discussions on academic progress; people tend to overstate their children’s abilities.

  4. Special needs

  • Do they have a SEND department? (Disability and special educational requirements) This is critical because it indicates that the school values children of all skills and needs and incorporates their learning into the classroom or educates them one-on-one or in small groups. Children with special needs may also be gifted.
  • Remember that in a class of 22 or more children, they are not all on the same level of learning, so the teacher should differentiate the work, and there should be a teacher who oversees children with learning needs (Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Sight issues, hearing issues, general emotional and behavioral problems, coordination, EAL… there is a very long list…)
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Wrapping Up

Finding the ideal school for your children is never an easy decision, and if your children are unhappy, it is unlikely that you will be either. We’re fortunate that Bangalore provides several options in various city regions to select the perfect choice. Make sure to consider these factors before opting for the best CBSE residential schools in Bangalore.

Whether it is a pre-school or finding some top-notch CBSE residential schools in Bangalore, you can find everything with the Skoolz platform. Visit their website today and make the right decision for your child’s education. 

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