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You’ve been fighting it out in the latest round of tft patch notes 12.23. What do you have to show for your efforts? We’re glad to report that you’ve made some great progress, but don’t let yourself get complacent just yet. You still have some work to do before you can call yourself a true warrior! Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.23 was released on April 17th. The patch includes a variety of bug fixes and balance changes, as well as a new update to the Ranked Mode system. Let’s take a look at what was included in this latest release: NEW CONTENT The new update to the Ranked Mode system includes several changes to how the Ranked ladder works. These changes are designed to make the system more fair and rewarding to players.

Full TFT 12.23 B-patch notes and updates: All 55 balance changes

A new tft patch notes went live for Dota 2 this week, and we’ve got some new balance changes to talk about. Most notably, the Bounty Hunter is now much more difficult to kill with a single hit, while the Sniper’s slow has been nerfed. Check out all 55 balance changes in our latest Patch Notes!

TFT Set Eight 12.23 B-patch champion changes

TFT has been making some major changes to the Champion league over the past few weeks. This article will go into detail about the changes and give a short review of what they are, but also what to expect for this week’s games. The most obvious change is that the top two teams in the league have been switched. Instead of Arsenal and Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City will be facing off in the final. A lot of people will be surprised by this, but it was already known that Liverpool were going to be taking over from Arsenal. With the Gunners having such a big win at Old Trafford earlier this month, it was expected that City would finish in the top two.

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TFT Set Eight 12.23 B-patch Hero Augment changes

You can now patch the TFT Set Eight 12.23 B-patch Hero Augment (the one with the hero icon on the right side of the screen) using the following steps. Download the latest version of the TFT Set Eight 12.23 B-patch Hero Augment from this link. Unzip it using a unzipper

TFT Set Eight 12.23 B-patch Hero Augment changes

The patch notes for the Augment changes have been released. The major changes include:  Hero and Hero Legend now have an active health bar and active energy bar. Hero and Hero Legend now take damage from enemy minions/creeps with their own attacks, rather than from the hero’s attacks. Hero and Hero Legend now deal less damage.

TFT Set Eight 12.23 B-patch item changes

These are the final changes to TFT Set Eight 12.23 before it gets updated to a new version of TF2, which we’re calling Beta 12.24. It will be out in a few days, and I wanted to get a post up here with the final changes before then. I’ll also be posting a final TF2 2.24 Update post tomorrow, with all the changes since Beta The biggest change is that we’ve changed the damage output from the BFG9000 from

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