Difference: 4B v 4C Type Hair

If you have doubts about your natural hair type, you can use this guide to find out. You may wonder what’s the difference between 4b hair and 4c hair. Although the 4b & 4c type hair are having some similarities, these are distinct from each other in some ways. While 4 hair types can commonly be classified as coily hair, some distinctions make 4b and 4c hair slightly different in their curl patterns. Knowledge is power, especially regarding the different types of hair.

So before you look into the new natural hair products, let’s start by exploring your hair type. Once you understand your curly hair pattern, you can tailor your beauty routine to specifically nurture your curl type so you can work on your natural beauty daily.

Distinguishing 4b and 4c hair

So, what is 4b hair vs. 4c? The difference between 4b and 4c comes down to the strands themselves. The Andre Walker system for describing texture is a way to categorize hair strand patterns more accurately. Essentially, straight hair ranks at the top and has no wave or curl. The scale is ordered to represent increased curliness and divided into subcategories to describe curly hair patterns and other hair types.

Hair is categorized as representing curly hair & twirliest locks! Type 4 curly hair is one of the most known & common Black hair types. However, because type 4 hair is so gorgeous and curly, it often requires greater moisturization to keep strands healthy using a quality conditioner and other products such as coconut oil and rice water for hair.


What is 4b Hair?

4b natural hair type is a type with tight, zigzag-shaped strands with a little definition in curl shape. The tight “Z” shapes help protect the hair from the damage caused by oil from the scalp. Due to the sharp angles of the zigzag strands, 4b hair is prone to dryness. Dry hair may tend to break and tangle more easily as compared to textured. This is due to a hair product such as a hair moisturizer or conditioner being used!

What is 4c hair?

Now really – all want to know what is 4c hair? It is the tightest curly hair pattern of all hair types. Strands are formed in tightly & springy ringlets. 4c hair tends to tangle more at the hair ends and is more prone to shrinkage than other hair types. 4c hair can shrink up to 70 percent of its length! Like 4b hair, 4c hair type is also prone to dryness and requires regular conditioner or moisturizer to maintain a constant pattern of healthy growing hair.

Tip: Take a few strands of curly hair from the head and look at the curl pattern against a light background. Once you have a close view of your curly hair pattern, it will be easy to distinguish 4c hair vs 4b.

Hair Care for 4b Hair & 4c Hair Types

If you want to keep your hair healthy, you should moisturize it. Preventing dry hair is all about moisturizer and protection, so try these tips to keep your hair healthy: Oil your strands before you wash. Instead of shampooing every time, conditioner might be all you need. Experiment with leave-in conditioners for long-lasting hydration.

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So, if you feel like it, skip the shampooing once in a while—but feel free to keep in the shower karaoke session! Finger comb your hair instead of struggling with a brush! This will minimize breakage and frizz while keeping hair soft and supple. Additionally, stretch out your strands while wet to minimize shrinkage. Use protective 4c hairstyles like box braids and twists to keep hair secure and tangle-free!

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