Cosmetic Dentistry & Its Types!

Who doesn’t want a picture-perfect smile? Of course, almost everybody would love to have one! But not everyone is lucky enough to get one by birth. 

Most of the time, the framework of teeth interferes with facial appearance, including the smile. But, if you are desperate for a confident and beautiful smile, this article will show you the right way. 

The solution to all your problems is cosmetic dentistry! For quite a long time, cosmetic dentistry has been making waves in the cosmetic treatment field. It’s a treatment that does nothing but restores your smile by improving your teeth’ positions and appearances. 

So, here are the complete details of the treatment, including the different procedures suggested by experts at Dr. Taylor dental. Let’s check it out in this blog! 

Different Cosmetic Dentristry Processes To Restructure Your Smile!

There are not one or two but several treatments that come under this branch of dentistry. Depending on the scope of your needs, you can opt for any one of these dental processes. 

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Invisalign Dental Braces

It’s been pretty long since braces have been used to restore the framework of teeth. But sometimes, a person might not prefer getting their mouth filled with wires, which is also painful. Hence, invisible cosmetic braces were discovered to eliminate such disadvantages. 

These braces are contaminated in kids who still have their milk teeth left. You’ll have different options if you’ll get an invisible brace. They leave no chance to make your teeth look impaired. The treatment generally lasts 18-24 months, though it might go on for more. 

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Teeth Whitening

The first and most trendy technique to get an amazing smile is teeth whitening, otherwise called teeth bleaching. Apart from the affordable cost and easy availability, the feature that adds some extra attention to this method is that it allows you to determine the shade of brightness you want for your teeth, which varies from two to nine. Although the results are not permanent, you can make it last the longest if you care for your teeth properly.

Teeth whitening is widely accepted by people, as it doesn’t involve any such invasive procedures. On top of that, some dentist-dispensed take-home whiteners available in the market allow you to do the procedure by yourself sitting at home. Though it is safe to say that, to meet your expected result, it’s better to undergo the treatment under the guidance of a qualified dentist. For more information

Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes, dark stains don’t go away with bleaching. On top of that, whitening doesn’t help in problems like chipped or fractured teeth. Well, in that case, the best option to get your aesthetic smile back is dental veneers. It’s a paper-thin custom-made shell made up of porcelain or composite material. The shell is made so that it fits perfectly on the false tooth. That’s how it improves damaged enamel, cracks, and tooth discoloration.

Although this counts as the gold standard method to manufacture a perfect smile, it does involve an invasive alteration of the framework of teeth which lasts forever.

Direct Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding, otherwise called composite bonding, fills the unwanted gaps in the teeth framework. A material made mostly of resin is used to fill in the gaps as it completely matches the original tooth’s color. Although this technique doesn’t always have a very glamorous outcome, it is still widely used to restore a pretty smile. 

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Dental Crowns

It is an artificial tooth-shaped cap placed over a cracked or broken tooth. It improves the tooth’s strength, size, and shape.

Usually, porcelain, resin, or metal are used to create the crown. Then, it is fixed with cement so it can continue to be stable and perform normally. 

There are a variety of materials made crowns that are available in the market. It can be made up of base metal alloy, porcelain fused metals, or even gold alloy. But the most popular and effective crown that provides an ultimate bright tooth-like appearance is crowns made up of all ceramic porcelain. The treatment needs at least two sittings; the dentist takes about a week to get the crown ready.

Tooth Implants

If you didn’t find any of the above solutions convenient, then here’s the best of the best option for you! A dental implant is the most effective and durable of all the procedures that deal with cosmetic dentistry. The process involves preparing a tooth root, most of the time made up of titanium, and surgically implanting this artificial root in the jaw. Later, the implant and bone integration occurs. The treatment is so acceptable that it could barely be understood that the tooth after the surgery is artificial. 

The post-surgical event includes capping of the titanium root with a dental crown. It is undoubtedly an invasive procedure and needs a six months long recovery phase even before the caping takes place. 

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Now You Know!

Although there are a variety of procedures to meet your needs, all the treatment options won’t be suited for your teeth. Your dentist will not just give you an idea about the entire procedure but also suggest the best one you deserve.

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Well, hope this information served some of your queries related to cosmetic dentistry. So, after going through all of this, we hope you’ll have an idea of what method would be more efficient to provide you with a bright smile. All the best!

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