Do Deep Wave Hair Extensions Stunt Hair Growth?

Your basic hairdo will become glamorous thanks to weaving extensions that add length, volume, and color. Since everyone has a right to look beautiful, they are an excellent way to improve your appearance. While Indian hair weave offers a wide range of styling options to improve your appearance, you must also take proper care of them. Are you curious whether wearing weave hair extensions prevents natural growth? Read this blog to find the solution!

deep wave hair
deep wave hair
Are Deep Wave Hair Extensions Hair Growth Suppressants?

Although attractive hair weaves are fantastic in many respects, there is a lot of misinformation regarding these extensions. People who have never used hair extensions may think that all of the associated myths are true, so they are afraid to try deep wave hair extensions. It is a complete myth that wearing attractive deep wave hair can prevent your hair from growing. Learn the proper way to wear it. When wearing extensions, you should take good care of your natural hair below and massage your scalp with your finger to encourage hair development.

Damage Caused by Deep Wave Hair Extensions to Natural Hair

Braids are a common choice when wearing a protective hairdo like a weave. Because the weave hair braids are so firmly braided, your hair is frequently ripped completely out of your head. Your natural hair gets harmed by this.

How Should You Take Care Of Natural Hair?

Give your natural hair and extensions tender love and care when putting on a gorgeous hair deep extension. Even if wearing hair braids doesn’t prevent your natural hair from growing, you still need some advice to maintain your healthy natural hair. Take care of your natural hair and deep wave sew in in a few easy steps.

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#1 Shampoo

Apply the shampoo down your lovely deep wave hair. Use a sulfate-free shampoo. Next, use a conditioner to rehydrate your hair. Make sure there is no shampoo on your scalp and deep wave by taking a bit more time to clean them.



#2 Conditioner

Because your hair is covered with a lovely hair deep wave, you must use conditioner. Your extensions will be simpler to detangle, and the underlying hair will be moisturized with a conditioner. To remove any remnants, thoroughly rinse the hair with warm water.

#3 Oil your hair and scalp

It’s quite effective to oil the scalp to get rid of flaking. Avoid blocking the pores on your scalp by using argan oil. If you wear a gorgeous hair deep wave, an applicator bottle with a nozzle tip is recommended because it will direct the oil to the targeted area without getting it on the rest of your loose deep wave bundles.

#4 Use a leave-in conditioner.

You must look after your scalp if you want to preserve the health of your hair. While wearing this protective style, never forget to nourish the scalp. Apply a leave-in treatment to the scalp’s surface to combat free radicals.


You are aware by now that deep wave hair extensions reduce hair damage and allow you to sport the desired hairdo. Additionally, it will permit the growth of your natural hair below the extension. All that’s required is good deep wave frontal maintenance. Get the top deep wave extensions from Indique and enjoy your seductive hairdo!

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