Answering 7 Most Common Hybrid Event Questions with Real World Data

Hybrid virtual events are here now. During these past few years, many businesses have found out exclusively just how efficient they can be. From lockdown proofing business meetings and events to successfully expanding the target market, virtual events have great potential. However, many businesses are still not totally onboard with virtual hybrid events and meetings.

In fact, we get asked a load of questions all the time about the efficiency of hybrid style events. However, once your company goes hybrid and virtual with events, it will never come back to the old ways. There are many unique advantages including cost cutting, boosted engagement, higher participation, expanded target market and more. So, here are some most common questions answered:

1: How Do Virtual Hybrid Event Audience Interact with Each Other?

This is one of the most asked questions we almost always get. Communication and interaction between attendees and audiences is always the key. Especially, for company events like conferences, training sessions, board meetings and other similar ones, interaction is key to success.

The simple answer to that is technology developments. Today, you have so many software systems and applications available for business meetings and events. Group meeting apps provide great interaction opportunities for every team member.

Other way to involve everyone is open up your presentations. Give the chance to more members to present their ideas. Let team leaders and even team members speak up. This will increase interaction.

2: Are Fixed Cameras Better or Moving Manned Cameras?

Another very important question for many businesses and brands is how to use the cameras. The answer is in the detail for this one. It all depends on the layout and size of your event or meeting. Public events like tradeshow booths that are smaller in size, can use fixed cameras.

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Other large presentations, conferences and tradeshows are always better with moving manned cameras. Also, robotic camera systems are quite new and groundbreaking to this point. However, moving camera will capture more of the floor space by using fewer cameras.

So, in many ways, moving cameras become cheaper than fixed cameras. With fixed cameras, you need more of them to capture the same space. This is why businesses need to make the choice intelligently.

3: Do We Organize the In-Person and Virtual Parts of Hybrid Events at the Same Time?

So, how to organize virtual events best. Some are always hybrid in nature where you will have in-person attendees and also some online audiences. Public events like tradeshows and exhibitions usually fall into this category. However, some conferences, board meetings and trainings might also get to be hybrid.

The real questions businesses ask us is whether they should organize both the in-person side and virtual side at the same time. So, to this, we say yes, they should both be at the same time. There are two simple reasons for this. You will only need to get tech rental services once as well.

First one has to do with cost management. When you organize once, you will save more money. Second one being with scheduling. Arranging a meeting or event once is always easier and safer than doing it twice. In some rare cases, separating the two might also be the thing.

4: Are There Any Options for Audience Q&A?

Live Q&A sessions are of great importance for many event and meeting types. Training sessions, conferences and many other company events or meetings always need these sessions. One of the best options for these is to offer tech devices for remote virtual participants.

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Provide your team members the option to iPad Hire and use them to participate. Live quizzes can be organized with different ways to answer questions with iPads. These are great devices offering very good service to meetings and events of all types.

5: What Are the Best Tactics to Boost Engagement for Virtual Conferences?

Attendee engagement is one of the pillars of success for business meetings and events. Whether you have only virtual events or hybrid ones with in-person going at the same time, engagement needs to be addressed. Modern tech devices play the vital role in offering maximum engagement.

So, for business events, make sure to get quality laptop Hire service. Hire these devices and save money on full price purchase. Make all your presentations and information sharing sessions high-tech with laptops. Use these devices to keep people engaged with your event for longer.

6: Are Virtual Events Really Great for Participation and Attendance?

Recent years of the pandemic have been very hard on businesses. People have had to skip meetings and events for lockdowns and travel restrictions. However, things are better now. Hopefully lockdowns will not be back any time soon.

However, what virtual and hybrid events have proven is sustainable participation for your target audiences. Public events see great boost to target audience and target market size. Company events like trainings and conferences can see full strength participation by all required important team members.

7: Are Virtual Hybrid Events Really Cheaper than In-Person Events?

So, one of the most important questions is to do with costing. Are virtual events cheaper than in-person events? The simple short answer is, yes. Virtual and hybrid events are actually cheaper in many ways. Businesses will not have to approve traveling costs, hotel expenses and costly venue bookings.

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Most hybrid virtual events can be completed in your own office buildings. Also, with reduced costs, hybrid events are also more ecofriendly. When people don’t need to travel and the venues get smaller, reduced natural resources will be made use of.

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