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6 Best Tourist Attractions in Toronto

Longing for a grand vacation in Toronto? Come to the city boasting the skyline-busting CN Tower, or the turrets of the Casa Loma and the thunderous Niagara Falls down the road. there are various attractions in the city that will make you go wow feeling for sure! 

Learn the amazing culture Trip within the best 6 attractions in Toronto that you can add to your itinerary with Aeroméxico Airlines Booking.

  1. Bata Shoe Museum

Toronto is home to a museum that is dedicated to shoes. This tour can be the most exciting trip to a cardboard box factory, the Bata Shoe Museum. This museum is one of the quirkiest, coolest, and most compelling collections in all of Canada. You can reach the museum down the block from the ROM in a building shaped like a shoebox. Know where the 4,500-year history of footwear, right from indigenous boots worn in the Arctic to snappy silver platforms donned by Elton John.

  1. Toronto Islands and Centreville

One of best Toronto’s big-ticket items can be found on this one-hour cruise of the harbor. This island is for 26.55 Canadian dollars ($20.61). The cruise departs from Queen’s Quay Terminal which is the south of the city center. The tour takes in the lagoons of the Toronto Islands. Come to the nude beach at Hanlan’s Point which is the glamorous Island Yacht Club and the serene wildlife sanctuary.

    3. St Lawrence Market

Toronto’s most iconic place is the Old Town district which is present since the early 1800s. Visit St Lawrence Market that has earned the title of the world’s top food market from National Geographic in 2012. This market also is home to the best of the 120 merchants that converge on this grand old marketplace, you need a little expert advice.

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You can make Aeroméxico Airlines Flight Booking hop into this famous Old Town district.

  1. Kensington Market

Toronto is a place for very different kinds of markets. Come to this market that is named after the so-called Jewish market. This market sprung up around the neighborhood’s two synagogues in the early 20th century. Explore the full Kensington Market which is a shining example of Toronto’s famous multiculturalism. Get aromas wafting out of eateries belonging to every corner in this market of the globe, as well as the vintage stores.

  1. Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

Come here to buy a couple of blocks east of the graffiti that plasters Kensington Market in AGO. This market lies in Toronto’s most revered collection of art. Here, you can find almost 100,000 pieces covering everything from the Renaissance and Inuit items. Also, you can find some contemporary creations and Canadian classics like Tom Thomson and the fabled Group of Seven. This AGO’s biggest work of art is the building itself, with a dancing glass masterpiece.

  1. Niagara Falls

Toronto‘s most enchanting place to dive into is Niagara Falls. The fall might be a 90-minute drive around Lake Ontario from Toronto. For sure, you will get crazy to leave this awe-inspiring explosion of water off your itinerary. Go for a day trip here which will take a five-hour tour for 158 Canadian dollars ($122.67) squeezes in the three best vantage points. Enjoy serene views from above, below, and smack bang in the middle of it. Also, don’t forget to enter the splash zone on a Hornblower cruise. In addition, people love to zoom up the Skylon Tower on a yellow bug escalator for an aerial vista. 

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