5 Unique things to do in Jacksonville

There is plenty to do in Jacksonville, from downtown to Jax Beach and everywhere. We had four days to do everything there was to do in Jacksonville. There are many fun things to do in Jacksonville, but these are my favorites. Consider them for your journey and book allegiant airlines tickets to try these amazing things.

The Royal Palms and tapas

Wines from the Royal Palms and tapas During my stay in Florida. This was one of my favorite dinners. We got four dishes to split, which was more than enough because the amounts were enormous. We had veggie flatbread, macaroni and cheese, sliders, and bean dip for dinner. As the night progressed, it became increasingly packed, so secure a table early or make a reservation. This establishment is cool since you can acquire a bottle of wine for the same price as a bottle at a supermarket. We didn’t want to pay for the entire bottle, so we paid by the glass, which was affordable and worth booking Allegiant airlines Flight for this.

St Johns Towncenter

From Tiffany’s to Target, St Johns Towncenter features over 200 retailers. It is one of Florida’s largest shopping malls. There are some truly interesting stores here and some that are more locally owned. We bought several toys for my nephew at Marcus Lemonis’ Kool Kids store. 

Natural Life is kind of like a wholesaler store with all the lovely nick-nacks and gifts you adore like fluffy socks, mugs, little planters, jewelry dishes, and so on. It was one of my favorites. Initially, the woman who created it only had an Etsy store. Yes, all of the lovely things you see there are from this brand. This is the company’s lone flagship location. There is also a chance to get amazing deals on allegiant airlines booking.

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Maple Street Biscuit Company

The tastiest breakfast in town is served at Maple Street Biscuit Company. Take a look at that sausage gravy chicken biscuit. You can experiment with numerous things here, such as putting maple syrup in your coffee. The hosts are friendly and warm, and they will make you feel at ease.

Lemon Bar

From sunset drinks at Lemon Bar overlooking the sea to bohemian stores like Sailors Siren, Drift, Fig & Willow, and Jax Surf and Paddle, there’s something for everyone. It’s a little area with smart homewares, boutiques, and fancy restaurants. It’s a place where you should surely spend some time. It’s advisable to come here before dinner and do some shopping. The stores are indicated to provide a large selection of Natural Life products. North Beach Fish Camp, where we ate, is only a two-minute walk from Hotel Palm.

Downtown Tour

Jacksonville has a lot of history, even if you only have a few hours. It is worth seeing this section of the city instead of the beaches. We took an Ad Lib Tours tour to get a short overview of the city and visit some of the most iconic paintings, statues, and even an old bank vault that served as a bomb shelter during the Cuban Missile Crisis panic. Before leaving town, we had a lavish meal at Cowford Chophouse. Download Allegiant airlines App to manage your trip more finely.

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