5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is an integrated CRM and ERP cloud-based software that is gaining popularity as more businesses abandon antiquated legacy systems. Unlike previously available alternatives, Dynamics 365 consists of modern features that can handle far more complex duties to meet today’s market expectations and needs.

The perfect ERP and CRM solution is crucial to manage a contemporary organization successfully. Sometimes, after addressing the needs of several departments, such as sales & marketing, operations, customer support, and financial management, the final decision is not up to the mark. Therefore, having a Microsoft Dynamics consultant can help make sound decisions.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is intended to be an all-in-one enterprise resource planning solution that helps organizations stay competitive. Microsoft Dynamics is a highly-liked product used by millions of businesses in over 150 countries, so it’s essential to understand how your company may succeed by implementing it.

  1. One Solution to Manage a Global Business

In today’s market, practically all consumer brand manufacturers operate in several nations and areas worldwide. As a result, managing the supply chain while preserving costs and customer service has become much more challenging.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is significantly beneficial because it can handle worldwide business processes from a single cloud solution. Various currencies, time zones, languages, and compliance with multiple banking and reporting standards can all be managed from a single solution, promoting uniformity and standardization among various business organizations worldwide. 

  1. Unified Commerce Across Channels

Most brands today sell their products through different channels, whether retail or wholesale. Companies must manage and optimize the supply chain and inventories across these channels more effectively as channel complexity increases. Microsoft Dynamics 365 incorporates multi-channel sales within the ERP solution. It even has a built-in POS and eCommerce engine, giving our customers an accurate 360-degree picture of their customers and removing the channel silos of the past.

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Within the application, wholesale, retail, and e-commerce coexist, making it easier to intelligently exchange inventory, customer information, and supply chain insight. This approach provides a powerful platform for providing integrated customer support that maximizes a company’s resources.

  1. Adaptable to Your Unique Business Needs

Companies need to make daily changes to keep up with the trend or stay competitive in the market. The customizable features of Dynamics 365 help organizations make needful changes per the market’s demand. Additionally, the Microsoft Power Platform makes it simple to extend, customize, and develop bespoke solutions to match your specific business needs and gain control of your complete data sources in one location.

  1. Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration

Modeling brand supply chains is tricky. They test the capabilities of even the most powerful ERP solutions because they are global and require several manufacturing layers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 shines when handling complex supply chains right out of the box. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can meet our customers’ demanding expectations thanks to a robust multi-site model that covers lead time variation, varied vendor sourcing strategies, and multiple raw material suppliers. Our customers benefit from improved forecasting, planning, allocation, execution, and analysis capabilities with the Supply Chain 365 extension.

  1. It provides access to utilize all the Microsoft software

Lastly, the product functions similarly to other Microsoft products that our customers are familiar with. This reduces training time, increases user comfort with the system, and capitalizes on the tools they already use in Office 365, including Excel, Word, Office, Skype for Business, and Exchange. Finally, this saves money for our customers and ensures a low total cost of ownership.

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Digitization and AI have altered how businesses work, and Dynamics 365 has played a significant part in this transformation. It has ushered in a revolution where Big Data, AI, and ML are paving the way for Intelligent and Smart solutions. As a certified Microsoft Partner, Online24x7 has maintained a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant and implementation partner position. Claim our varied consulting services ranging from ERP and CRM that help you digitally transform your business and streamline your operations to yield higher revenue.

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