The paintbrush will be your magic wand for weaving colors across the canvas. Artist paintbrushes become beloved tools the more you use them! As you paint, you will become increasingly familiar with the way the brushes handle the paint and what they can accomplish for you. Pretty soon the paintbrush will become a part of you that you intuitively know how to maneuver. bistro brushes are a popular name in this field. and comes up with varieties of paintbrushes. Incepted in the year 2009, Creative Hands Art materials Pvt Ltd. takes pride in providing the finest art materials to its patrons. Presently, it is the leading importer of Fine Art materials in the country offering the community an unrivaled choice, reeking of exquisite quality. Largely imported from the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, and other parts of the world too, it has a strong, customer-focused approach that continuously endeavors to quench the quest of art enthusiasts. Directed towards supplying materials worth being lauded, it has become a leading name in the line of business. There are so many reasons to buy the Brustro brushes. Let’s have a look-

Variety of options

You can get a great variety of options and can opt for the perfect one for you. The categories that are offered by Brustro are- 

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According to your need, you can choose any of them. You do not have to look for other brands for the brushes of different utilities. Each brush comes up with different size options which assure you to perform any job on the canvas. Also, being made with natural ingredients, these brushes are eco-friendly and allow you to perform sustainable craft work.

The brush also comes up with a travel case that is concise while also sporting a surprise pop-up stand for easy use anywhere. 

Precise Point

Bistro Natural MOP Brush set has precise points for detailed and intricate work. The brush allows thin & thick strokes with an effortless application on paper. It was excellent for mop and wash techniques. Also ideal for adding fine details. Excellent brush for watercolors, gouache, illustration, animation, and rendering. The brush tip design is pointed wherever needed and perfectly angled for a specific job. This ensures the precision of your artwork and finer detail. A perfectly designed paintbrush can change the whole game on the canvas. The angles play a great role in fine detailing and shade works. 

Substantial belly with handle

Handles made of birch wood – The brush head is crafted with hog bristle secured with double-crimped aluminum ferrules for absolute durability assurance. Bistro Natural MOP Brushes have a substantial belly which gives them the right degree of firmness and flexibility to enable such movements. Short handles made of fine quality wood, generously sized and hand shaped ideal for stroking fine details in art.

Beautifully balanced, lightweight wood eases hand fatigue during daily painting. ERGONOMIC LONG HANDLES facilitate you to perform free movements for exciting brushstrokes plus perspective to your artwork. Different types of handles options facilitate you in performing different jobs on canvas. Thus you can get a wide range of options to express your creative thoughts with a comfortable approach. 

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Bistro Natural Hair MOP 

Brustro Natural Hair MOP Brush allows thin & thick strokes with an effortless application on paper while coming back to a perfect point. Holds a large volume of water which makes it excellent for mop and wash techniques, and also ideal for adding fine details. The brush head has just the right degree of firmness and flexibility and is suitable for everyone from home use to students and beginners. Short handles made of fine quality wood. Excellent brush for watercolors, gouache, illustration, animation, and rendering. It Works brilliantly as acrylic paint brushes to create loose painterly strokes. Apart from synthetic brushes, natural hair brushes are convenient and less harmful to paper. The wear and tear of the paper become less and theirs is less chance to form grains in the sheet. Natural brushes also do not harm the animals on the other hand as they are crafted from hair so these are natural sustainable products. Also, natural hairs are less slippery than synthetic ones. This reduces the risk of paint scattering on the canvas and getting your artwork damaged. Also, the sharp end of the synthetic bristles is harmful to the canvas and can not express your thoughts. Here the natural hair brushes play their role perfectly. 

Versatile for large or smaller canvas painting

 The main plus point of Brustro brushes are their versatile nature. The brushes come in 12 to 13 sizes in each category. Real art brushes for artists with filbert brush 1 – 12 and 3/4” flat. Pro results for fine art, beginners, or hobby painters. This wide option facilitates you to go for any type of task and in the end, you will get a great piece of work. For narrow strokes, you can go with the number zero brush and for the wider ones, there is the option of numbers 11,12, etc. From striking black strokes on the eyelashes to the wider indigo stroke on the sky, you will feel ultimate comfort in carrying out your thought.

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These are the main five reasons to buy Brustro art brushes. Apart from these, the affordability, economic deal, etc are also the reasons to select Brustro over other brands. It has long been the best choice of artists and inspires many young minds. The great ergonomic design gives you a great feel when you strike the patch of paint and you get the ultimate satisfaction. Now, grab a Brustro brush and start shaping your thoughts on canvas.

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