5 Quick and Simple Ways to Get Deep Waves Without Tools

Deep Wave Hair is a simple, carefree-looking hairstyle that will always be in vogue. Whatever your hair type, messy waves look great no matter the event or time of year, whether you’ve just returned from the deep or it’s the dead of winter. Deep wave are great for everybody, regardless of hair length or thickness, as they are incredibly adaptable. Whether you want to do it by air drying, using a curling iron, or another method.

How to Get Deep Wave Hair: 


#1. Graan Old T-Shirt.

Seriously! Any fabric or piece of material will do.” Take a long piece of fabric, paper towel, or other material and roll it into a tube shape, much like a perm rod. A 1 to 2-inch section of hair should be wrapped around the fabric or material in a figure-8 motion. Fold the rolled material into a “u” shape.

#2: Test out finger waves.

Cole points out that you can create the same effect with your fingers if you run out of tools or urgently need deep waves. Apply a leave-in style product or hair oil first, then, according to Cole, “wrap a 1-2-inch segment of hair around your finger in upwards circle motion, clip the curl using a pin curl.” Then “To start the wave, blast hair with a blow dryer set to low heat. For a half-hour, keep your deep wave frontal in a clip.” After 30 minutes, remove the clips and gently brush hair into a loose deep wave. As it twists for Passion Twist Styles, it is crucial. Push the hair forward with a comb while using your other hand to create a “C” shape.

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#3 Use a straightener, and third.

Surprise! Your flatiron may be used to make various deep waves in addition to straightening hair. The secret is employing the proper method and, of course, the appropriate style products in tandem. Always apply a heat protectant to moist hair before blow-drying and heat styling to keep your hair as protected as possible when using a straightener.

#4 Use a curling iron

Hairstylists still adore the tried-and-true method of creating classic deep wave bundles using a curling iron or wand. Make sure you’re working with the appropriate size curling iron before you begin. When curling for deep, large-barreled curling irons

#5. Style Deep Waves Overnight

Apply your preferred wave-enhancing styling lotion to damp hair before gently twisting it into two loose buns and fastening them with silk scrunchies before bed. Regular loose deep wave wig ties should not be used because silk is known to be soft on hair and won’t cause breaking or damage.

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