5 Innovative Ways To Learn Quranic Recitation

You’re reading a book on how to be a better reciter of the Quran Learn Quranic Recitation. Well, there are some points you should know before getting into the book. If not, this post will come in handy for you. This is my little contribution to help you improve your recitation of the Quran and make it enjoyable for listeners. With so many books out there about reciting Quran, I believe that this one can give you the advantage over others. You don’t have to worry about what they are teaching because this book is all about what works best for me and hopefully it will work well for you too :). Here we go:

Section: Reciting the Holy Quran – The voice quality

Learn Quranic Recitation
Life Quran is an online platform that provides updated daily Islamic recitations on various aspects of the scripture.

Every person has their own vocal tone which makes them sound more natural when reciting verses of Quran. My voice doesn’t resemble mine at all when I am reciting verses of Quran, but here’s how my voice sounds like when I recite with my friends (I’m from Indonesia so apologies if English isn’t good):

In actuality my friends are doing something I thought was impossible to pull off – speaking smoothly while sounding clear and calm at times (my English pronunciation is not that bad); rather than sounding like an airhead talking through her nose (which would normally be the case if I was doing this by myself). For example – “Your lord does not punish those who believe and do good deeds.”

Now, imagine feeling confident in your voice just by knowing that your voice quality sounds cool in your mind!

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The reason why my friends sound amazing is because each one of them has their own particular vocal tone which fits perfectly with each verse which they recite. It’s really fun to listen when they sing together using Qiraat as their medium! If only we could do that… But nonetheless listening to them now makes me want to pursue a career in performing arts.

Learn Quranic Recitation : I know that there are many different recitations of the Quran and I don’t want to offend anyone who practices a different one than mine. But I mainly wanted to share my opinion on why each of them is important, so here goes.

Reciting Quran with Slow Recitation

Learn Quranic Recitation
Life Quran is an online platform that provides updated daily Islamic recitations on various aspects of the scripture.

Slow recitation is the best way to learn how to recite Quran. If you want to learn how to recite Quranic verses, slow recitation is the best way because it helps you memorize every word and phrase.

When we recite a verse or chapter, we have to repeat it in our mind first before saying it out loud. It takes time for us to memorize these words if we do not repeat them in our minds first before saying them out loud. This will help us improve our pronunciation of Quranic verses which are very important for memorizing Quranic verses as well as understanding their meaning better than anyone else who has never read any text before reading this book or listening on audios from different places around world where people speak Arabic language fluently so that they can easily understand what other people have said/written without knowing much about Islam itself

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Have a Reciting Partner

Reciting partners are a great way to learn recitation. If you don’t have one, it is possible to find one on the internet or in your local community. You could also look for reciting partners at your masjid and ask if they would be willing to help out with Quranic recitation sessions.

Innovative Ways To Learn Quranic Recitation

  • Reciting with a slow recitation.
  • Having a reciting partner.
  • Listening to the Qari’s recitation of the Holy Quran

Listen to the Qari’s Recitation of the Holy Quran

  • Listen to the Quran recitation of a qari.
  • Listen to the Quran recitation of your choice.
  • Listen to the Quran recitation online.
  • Listen to the Quran recitation on YouTube.

There are many ways to keep your Quran recitation going

There are many ways to keep your Quran recitation going. Some people like to read the Quran on their own and listen to it, while others prefer to have someone else read the Quran along with them.

Another way is by reading some parts of the Holy Book for yourself, then repeating them aloud in order to learn how they sound. This can help you improve your pronunciation and accuracy when reciting from memory later on.

The third option is having someone else recite Quranic verses as a form of teaching or practice: if you’re learning Arabic as a second language then this could be beneficial because it allows you more time than usual spent practicing speaking both languages simultaneously (i..e., being able at once).


We hope that these are useful tips for you to keep your Quran recitation going. If you would like more Quranic recitation tips, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] We will be happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have about this topic.

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