5 Expert Tips for Using a Socket Set

When using a socket set, it’s important that you know how to get the most value out of your tools and building materials. By improving your knowledge and building skills, you can use your socket set more effectively, improving workplace productivity and reducing the risk of injury or damage to tools and construction pieces. 

If you’re ready to use your socket set, follow these top 5 tips from the experts!

1. Choose the right Socket Set

When using a socket set, the most important thing to be aware of is the socket you choose! Selecting the right socket for the right job can make an incredible difference to the quality of the work you produce. It can also reduce the risk of damage.

Always use a socket that is the right size for the fastener you’re working with. If you’re not sure which size socket to use, test a few options to determine the right choice before you apply force to the fastener. 

2. Organise your socket set

Next, if you have a large collection of sockets in your socket set, it’s a good idea to develop and maintain and effective organisation system. This can make it easier to find the socket you need quickly and easily when working. 

When not in use, store sockets in a safe and dry environment, such as a sealed tool box. Ideally, organise your sockets in size- or type-based groups, or categorise your sockets according to their size and application. 

3. Attach the socket properly

In order to work safely and efficiently, it’s important to ensure that you always attach sockets properly before applying force to manipulate fasteners. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you don’t cause damage to materials or injury to yourself. 

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Every time you use a socket, attach the socket to the head of the ratchet or wrench you’re using. Listen to hear a click when the socket is locked in place. Before applying force, test the socket to ensure that it does not slip or lose grip. 

4. Use like a wrench

It’s best to use your socket and its accompanying tool like an ordinary wrench. Doing this will reduce the time demands on your project and improve your efficiency, making it easy to work consistently and to a high standard.  

Use your socket and wrench like any other wrench, except when you run out of space to turn the tool, don’t remove it. Instead, twist the tool in the opposite direction, and continue switching directions until the fastener is fully loosened or tightened.  

5. Maintain sockets well

Finally, in order to ensure that your socket set continues to achieve optimal functionality, you’ll need to establish and maintain an effective cleaning routine. This will keep sockets in good condition for long-term use. 

Whenever you use sockets, especially if using them in environments where oil or grime is present, wipe sockets clean with a cloth. Before storing your socket set, ensure that all pieces are dry to avoid corrosion. 

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